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1. Req please: "Thank Your Lucky Stars (1943)" starring almost everyone lol! Thanks!classicmovlvr <>a.b.multimedia.vintage-film6d
2. Could someone kindly post Possessed (1931) with Crawford/Gable? Thanks !!classicmovlvr <>a.b.multimedia.vintage-film24d

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3. REQ: The Dolly Sisters (1945) with Betty Grable - thanks much if anyone has it!classicmovlvr <>a.b.multimedia.vintage-film45d
4. FerL: By any chance do you have "Look for the Silver Lining" (1949) with June Haver? It's a tough find.classicmovlvr <>a.b.multimedia.vintage-film51d
5. REQ: What Price Hollywood? (1932) Thanks much if anyone has thisclassicmovlvr <>a.b.multimedia.vintage-film282d
6. REQ: Lillian Russell starring Alice Faye (1940)classicmovlvr <>a.b.multimedia.vintage-film547d
7. REQ: Take Me Out to the Ball Game (1949) TIAclassicmovlvr <>a.b.multimedia.vintage-film674d
8. Thanks for all the wonderful musicals! Does anyone have Rose of Washington Square (1939)?classicmovlvr <>a.b.multimedia.vintage-film694d

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