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Posts by Eric Python <> in alt.binaries.sounds.midi


1. Improved White Noise MIDI Attached - White Noise - Hour.mid (1/1)Eric Python <>a.b.sounds.midi29d

The posts below were posted a long time ago.
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2. 30 Minutes of White Noise in MIDI Format - White Noise.mid (1/1)Eric Python <>a.b.sounds.midi32d
3. Don't Stop - loop.mid (1/1)Eric Python <>a.b.sounds.midi623d
4. Constipation.mid (1/1)Eric Python <>a.b.sounds.midi656d
5. Music & Lyrics - Blow the Man Down 02.mid (1/1)Eric Python <>a.b.sounds.midi657d
6. Auld Lang Syne.mid (1/1)Eric Python <>a.b.sounds.midi668d
7. Theme from "The Bad Seed" (1956) - Bad Seed.mid (1/1)Eric Python <>a.b.sounds.midi720d
8. Two Quantum Leap MIDIs (1/1)Eric Python <>a.b.sounds.midi808d
9. Proposed alternate "Quantum Leap" theme - Carnival - Aquarium.mid (1/1)Eric Python <>a.b.sounds.midi808d
10. Simon.mid (1/1)Eric Python <>a.b.sounds.midi827d
11. Mister Softee Jingle - Mister Softee Jingle.mid (1/1)Eric Python <>a.b.sounds.midi901d
12. New version with modified volume vevels - Mary Tyler Moore Show.mid (1/1)Eric Python <>a.b.sounds.midi909d
13. Modified again - Casper the Friendly Ghost.mid (1/1)Eric Python <>a.b.sounds.midi909d
14. Emergency Broadcast System.mid (1/1)Eric Python <>a.b.sounds.midi911d
15. Carousel Style - For Me and My Gal.mid (1/1)Eric Python <>a.b.sounds.midi1007d
16. Second attempt - Snoopy Dancing (1/1)Eric Python <>a.b.sounds.midi1021d
17. Screensaver - Snoopy Dancing.scr (1/1)Eric Python <>a.b.sounds.midi1021d
18. If the Moon Was a Great Big Banjo.mid (1/1)Eric Python <>a.b.sounds.midi1096d
19. Modified again - Hat He Never Ate.mid (1/1)Eric Python <>a.b.sounds.midi1097d
20. Tete-a-Tete.mid (1/1)Eric Python <>a.b.sounds.midi1097d
21. Give Me the South All the Time.mid (1/1)Eric Python <>a.b.sounds.midi1097d
22. Hat He Never Ate.mid (1/1)Eric Python <>a.b.sounds.midi1097d
23. Syncopated Echoes - Syncopated Echoes.mid (1/1)Eric Python <>a.b.sounds.midi1109d
24. Fast Rock-Jazz Version - Carolina Cake Walk.mid (1/1)Eric Python <>a.b.sounds.midi1268d
25. Little Rascals.mid (1/1)Eric Python <>a.b.sounds.midi1282d
26. Love is the Sweetest Thing - modified - Love is the Sweetest Thing.mid (1/1)Eric Python <>a.b.sounds.midi1301d
27. Would You Like to Take a Walk - modified - Would You Like to Take a Walk.mid (1/1)Eric Python <>a.b.sounds.midi1301d
28. My modification of the "Gremlins" theme - Gremlins 02.mid (1/1)Eric Python <>a.b.sounds.midi1303d

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