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1. Michel Legrand-Michel Plays Legrand{1994)--Plays Legrand-Inside 1.jpg" yEnc (1/4)
collection size: 1.4 MB, parts available: 7 / 7
- 2 other files
[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz12d
2. Michel Legrand-Michel Plays Legrand{1994)--Plays Legrand-Front1.jpg" yEnc (1/1)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz12d
3. Michel Legrand-Michel Plays Legrand{1994)--Plays Legrand-Front.jpg" yEnc (1/3)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz12d
4. Michel Legrand-Michel Plays Legrand{1994)--Plays Legrand-Disc.jpg" yEnc (1/1)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz12d
5. Michel Legrand-Michel Plays Legrand{1994)--Plays Legrand-Back.jpg" yEnc (1/3)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz12d
6. Michel Legrand-Michel Plays Legrand{1994)--Michel Legrand-Michel Plays Legrand{1994).par2" yEnc (1/1)
collection size: 9.29 MB, parts available: 42 / 42
- 6 other files
[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz12d
7. Michel Legrand-Michel Plays Legrand{1994)--12 The Windmills Of Your Mind.mp3" yEnc (1/47)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz12d
8. Michel Legrand-Michel Plays Legrand{1994)--11 La Valse Des Lilas (Once Upon A S.mp3" yEnc (1/44)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz12d
9. Michel Legrand-Michel Plays Legrand{1994)--10 Little Boy Lost.mp3" yEnc (1/34)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz12d
10. Michel Legrand-Michel Plays Legrand{1994)--09 One At A Time.mp3" yEnc (1/52)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz12d
11. Michel Legrand-Michel Plays Legrand{1994)--08 How Do You Keep The Music Playing.mp3" yEnc (1/58)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz12d
12. Michel Legrand-Michel Plays Legrand{1994)--07 You Must Believe In Spring.mp3" yEnc (1/53)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz12d
13. Michel Legrand-Michel Plays Legrand{1994)--06 Watch What Happens.mp3" yEnc (1/111)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz12d
14. Michel Legrand-Michel Plays Legrand{1994)--05 Brian's Song (The Hands Of Time).mp3" yEnc (1/52)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz12d
15. Michel Legrand-Michel Plays Legrand{1994)--04 This Quiet Room.mp3" yEnc (1/49)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz12d
16. Michel Legrand-Michel Plays Legrand{1994)--03 The Summer Knows.mp3" yEnc (1/50)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz12d
17. Michel Legrand-Michel Plays Legrand{1994)--02 What Are You Doing The Rest Of Yo.mp3" yEnc (1/67)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz12d
18. Michel Legrand-Michel Plays Legrand{1994)--01 Summer Me, Winter Me.mp3" yEnc (1/48)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz12d
19. Michel Legrand-Michel Plays Legrand{1994)--.nzb" yEnc (1/1)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz12d
20. J.J. Johnson Quintet-In Person(1958)--J.J. Johnson Quintet-In Person(1958).par2" yEnc (1/1)
collection size: 9.23 MB, parts available: 42 / 42
- 6 other files
[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz143d
21. J.J. Johnson Quintet-In Person(1958)--In Person-Front1.jpg" yEnc (1/1)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz143d
22. J.J. Johnson Quintet-In Person(1958)--In Person-Label-Side 1.JPG" yEnc (1/6)
collection size: 3.04 MB, parts available: 13 / 13
- 2 other files
[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz143d
23. J.J. Johnson Quintet-In Person(1958)--In Person-Front.JPG" yEnc (1/6)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz143d
24. J.J. Johnson Quintet-In Person(1958)--In Person-Back.JPG" yEnc (1/8)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz143d
25. J.J. Johnson Quintet-In Person(1958)--07-Now's The Time.mp3" yEnc (1/77)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz143d
26. J.J. Johnson Quintet-In Person(1958)--06-My Old Flame.mp3" yEnc (1/46)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz143d
27. J.J. Johnson Quintet-In Person(1958)--05-Misterioso.mp3" yEnc (1/66)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz143d
28. J.J. Johnson Quintet-In Person(1958)--04-What Is This Thing Called Love.mp3" yEnc (1/61)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz143d
29. J.J. Johnson Quintet-In Person(1958)--03-Walkin'.mp3" yEnc (1/66)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz143d
30. J.J. Johnson Quintet-In Person(1958)--02-Laura.mp3" yEnc (1/39)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz143d
31. J.J. Johnson Quintet-In Person(1958)--01-Tune Up.mp3" yEnc (1/60)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz143d
32. J.J. Johnson Quintet-In Person(1958)--.nzb" yEnc (1/1)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz143d
33. Gene Harris & The Phillip Morris Allstars-Live(1993)--Gene Harris-Live-Inside 1.jpg" yEnc (1/6)
collection size: 4.82 MB, parts available: 21 / 21
- 4 other files
[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz158d
34. Gene Harris & The Phillip Morris Allstars-Live(1993)--Gene Harris-Live-Front1.jpg" yEnc (1/1)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz158d
35. Gene Harris & The Phillip Morris Allstars-Live(1993)--Gene Harris-Live-Front.jpg" yEnc (1/3)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz158d
36. Gene Harris & The Phillip Morris Allstars-Live(1993)--Gene Harris-Live-Disc.jpg" yEnc (1/3)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz158d
37. Gene Harris & The Phillip Morris Allstars-Live(1993)--Gene Harris-Live-Back.jpg" yEnc (1/5)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz158d
38. Gene Harris & The Phillip Morris Allstars-Live(1993)--Gene Harris & The Phillip Morris Allstars-Live(1993).par2" yEnc (1/1)
collection size: 8.89 MB, parts available: 40 / 40
- 6 other files
[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz158d
39. Gene Harris & The Phillip Morris Allstars-Live(1993)--07 Low Down Blues Medley_ Parker's M.mp3" yEnc (1/126)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz158d
40. Gene Harris & The Phillip Morris Allstars-Live(1993)--06 Cottontail.mp3" yEnc (1/94)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz158d
41. Gene Harris & The Phillip Morris Allstars-Live(1993)--05 Collage In Blue_ All Blues_Every.mp3" yEnc (1/93)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz158d
42. Gene Harris & The Phillip Morris Allstars-Live(1993)--04 Time After Time.mp3" yEnc (1/72)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz158d
43. Gene Harris & The Phillip Morris Allstars-Live(1993)--03 Ellington Medley_ Star Crossed Lo.mp3" yEnc (1/53)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz158d
44. Gene Harris & The Phillip Morris Allstars-Live(1993)--02 I Wish I Knew.mp3" yEnc (1/66)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz158d
45. Gene Harris & The Phillip Morris Allstars-Live(1993)--.nzb" yEnc (1/1)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz158d
46. Gene Harris & The Phillip Morris Allstars-Live(1993)--01 Bag's Groove.mp3" yEnc (1/78)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz158d
47. Danny Sinoff Quartet-Ellington's Presents(2007)-Ellington-Front1.jpg" yEnc (1/1)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz184d
48. Danny Sinoff Quartet-Ellington's Presents(2007)-Ellington-Inside 1.jpg" yEnc (1/7)
collection size: 2.48 MB, parts available: 11 / 11
- 2 other files
[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz184d
49. Danny Sinoff Quartet-Ellington's Presents(2007)-Ellington-Front.jpg" yEnc (1/10)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz184d
50. Danny Sinoff Quartet-Ellington's Presents(2007)-Ellington-Disc.jpg" yEnc (1/3)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz184d
51. Danny Sinoff Quartet-Ellington's Presents(2007)-Ellington-Back.jpg" yEnc (1/5)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz184d
52. Danny Sinoff Quartet-Ellington's Presents(2007)-Danny Sinoff Quartet-Ellington's Presents(2007).par2" yEnc (1/1)
collection size: 9.27 MB, parts available: 42 / 42
- 6 other files
[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz184d
53. Danny Sinoff Quartet-Ellington's Presents(2007)-10 Don't Get Around Much Anymore.mp3" yEnc (1/44)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz184d
54. Danny Sinoff Quartet-Ellington's Presents(2007)-09 Stars Fell On Alabama.mp3" yEnc (1/56)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz184d
55. Danny Sinoff Quartet-Ellington's Presents(2007)-08 I Wish You Love.mp3" yEnc (1/46)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz184d
56. Danny Sinoff Quartet-Ellington's Presents(2007)-07 Just In Time.mp3" yEnc (1/48)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz184d
57. Danny Sinoff Quartet-Ellington's Presents(2007)-06 Cry Me A River.mp3" yEnc (1/66)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz184d
58. Danny Sinoff Quartet-Ellington's Presents(2007)-05 In Your Own Sweet Way.mp3" yEnc (1/62)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz184d
59. Danny Sinoff Quartet-Ellington's Presents(2007)-04 September In The Rain.mp3" yEnc (1/44)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz184d
60. Danny Sinoff Quartet-Ellington's Presents(2007)-03 Over The Rainbow.mp3" yEnc (1/50)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz184d
61. Danny Sinoff Quartet-Ellington's Presents(2007)-02 East Of The Sun.mp3" yEnc (1/46)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz184d
62. Danny Sinoff Quartet-Ellington's Presents(2007)-01 Do Nothing Til You Hear From Me.mp3" yEnc (1/71)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz184d
63. Danny Sinoff Quartet-Ellington's Presents(2007)-.nzb" yEnc (1/1)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz184d
64. Erroll Garner-Body & Soul(1991)--Erroll-Inside 1.jpg" yEnc (1/3)
collection size: 3.6 MB, parts available: 18 / 18
- 6 other files
[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz260d
65. Erroll Garner-Body & Soul(1991)--Erroll-Front1.jpg" yEnc (1/1)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz260d
66. Erroll Garner-Body & Soul(1991)--Erroll-Front.jpg" yEnc (1/3)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz260d
67. Erroll Garner-Body & Soul(1991)--Erroll-Disc.jpg" yEnc (1/2)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz260d
68. Erroll Garner-Body & Soul(1991)--Erroll-Back.jpg" yEnc (1/3)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz260d
69. Erroll Garner-Body & Soul(1991)--Erroll Garner-Body & Soul(1991).par2" yEnc (1/1)
collection size: 9.32 MB, parts available: 42 / 42
- 6 other files
[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz260d
70. Erroll Garner-Body & Soul(1991)--20 I Never Knew.mp3" yEnc (1/26)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz260d
71. Erroll Garner-Body & Soul(1991)--19 Summertime.mp3" yEnc (1/30)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz260d
72. Erroll Garner-Body & Soul(1991)--18 Ja-Da.mp3" yEnc (1/31)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz260d
73. Erroll Garner-Body & Soul(1991)--17 You're Driving Me Crazy.mp3" yEnc (1/25)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz260d
74. Erroll Garner-Body & Soul(1991)--16 It's The Talk Of The Town.mp3" yEnc (1/33)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz260d
75. Erroll Garner-Body & Soul(1991)--15 Please Don't Talk About Me When I.mp3" yEnc (1/32)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz260d
76. Erroll Garner-Body & Soul(1991)--14 Robbin's Nest.mp3" yEnc (1/33)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz260d
77. Erroll Garner-Body & Soul(1991)--13 Fine And Dandy.mp3" yEnc (1/24)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz260d
78. Erroll Garner-Body & Soul(1991)--12 I Didn't Know.mp3" yEnc (1/28)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz260d
79. Erroll Garner-Body & Soul(1991)--11 Ain't She Sweet.mp3" yEnc (1/27)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz260d
80. Erroll Garner-Body & Soul(1991)--10 Sophisticated Lady.mp3" yEnc (1/28)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz260d
81. Erroll Garner-Body & Soul(1991)--09 You're Blasé.mp3" yEnc (1/27)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz260d
82. Erroll Garner-Body & Soul(1991)--08 Undecided.mp3" yEnc (1/31)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz260d
83. Erroll Garner-Body & Soul(1991)--07 Play, Piano, Play.mp3" yEnc (1/24)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz260d
84. Erroll Garner-Body & Soul(1991)--06 I Can't Get Started.mp3" yEnc (1/30)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz260d
85. Erroll Garner-Body & Soul(1991)--05 I'm In The Mood For Love.mp3" yEnc (1/36)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz260d
86. Erroll Garner-Body & Soul(1991)--04 Honeysuckle Rose.mp3" yEnc (1/34)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz260d
87. Erroll Garner-Body & Soul(1991)--03 Indiana.mp3" yEnc (1/21)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz260d
88. Erroll Garner-Body & Soul(1991)--02 Body And Soul.mp3" yEnc (1/30)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz260d
89. Erroll Garner-Body & Soul(1991)--01 The Way You Look Tonight.mp3" yEnc (1/37)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz260d
90. Erroll Garner-Body & Soul(1991)--.nzb" yEnc (1/1)[email protected] (Jazzman2)a.b.sounds.mp3.jazz260d

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