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The posts below were posted a long time ago.
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1. repost Charles Mackay - Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds.epub (1/31)[email protected] (browser)a.b.e-books373d
2. repost James Patterson, Michael Ledwidge - Now You See Her (v5).epub (1/5)[email protected] (browser)a.b.e-books390d
3. repost James Patterson, James O Born - Michael Bennett 11 - Ambush.epub (1/2)[email protected] (browser)a.b.e-books390d
4. repost Lisa Scottoline - Someone Knows.epub (1/5)[email protected] (browser)a.b.e-books390d
5. repost (thanks to OP) James Ellroy - [Second L A Quartet 02] - This Storm (retail) (epub).epub (1/36)[email protected] (browser)a.b.e-books407d
6. repost (thanks to OP) Larson, Erik - Devil in the White City.epub (1/2)[email protected] (browser)a.b.e-books429d
7. repost (thanks to OP) Susan Wise Bauer - The History of the Medieval World (From the Conversion of Constantine to the First Crusade).epub (1/19)[email protected] (browser)a.b.e-books435d
8. repost (thanks to OP) Elena Ferrante - The Beach at Night (retail) (epub).epub (1/18)[email protected] (browser)a.b.e-books450d
9. repost (thanks to OP) Elena Ferrante - Frantumaglia- A Writer's Journey (retail) (epub).epub (1/4)[email protected] (browser)a.b.e-books450d
10. 1844 novel (filmed in 1975 by Stanley Kubrick) Thackeray - The Memoires of Barry Lyndon, Esq.epub (1/1)[email protected] (browser)a.b.e-books451d
11. repost (thanks to OP) Robert Matzen - Dutch Girl- Audrey Hepburn and World War II (retail) (epub).epub (1/14)[email protected] (browser)a.b.e-books457d
12. repost (thanks to OP) Catherine Ryan Hyde - Say Goodbye for Now (epub).epub (1/2)[email protected] (browser)a.b.e-books457d
13. repost (thanks to OP) Catherine Ryan Hyde - Heaven Adjacent (epub).epub (1/2)[email protected] (browser)a.b.e-books457d
14. repost (thanks to OP) Catherine Ryan Hyde - Allie and Bea (epub).epub (1/2)[email protected] (browser)a.b.e-books457d
15. repost (thanks to OP) Stern, Howard - Howard Stern Comes Again.epub (1/53)[email protected] (browser)a.b.e-books458d
16. repost (thanks to OP) Abraham Verghese - My Own Country- A Doctor's Story of a Town and its People in the Age of AIDS (retail) (epub).epub (1/3)[email protected] (browser)a.b.e-books462d
17. repost (thanks to OP) Found - Harlan Coben.epub (1/2)[email protected] (browser)a.b.e-books466d
18. repost (thanks to OP) Richard Matheson - The Best of Richard Matheson (retail) (epub).epub (1/4)[email protected] (browser)a.b.e-books468d
19. repost (thanks to OP) Matheson, Richard - I Am Legend.epub (1/1)[email protected] (browser)a.b.e-books468d
20. repost (thanks to OP) Vasily Grossman - [Stalingrad 01] - Stalingrad (retail) (epub).epub (1/9)[email protected] (browser)a.b.e-books471d
21. repost (thanks to OP) Anthony Beevor - The Second World War (epub).epub (1/33)[email protected] (browser)a.b.e-books478d
22. repost (thanks to OP) Hemingway, Ernest - [Non Fiction 1964] - A Moveable Feast (v5.0-Restored Edition).epub (1/13)[email protected] (browser)a.b.e-books481d
23. repost (thanks to OP) Madeline Miller - Circe (epub).epub (1/5)[email protected] (browser)a.b.e-books483d
24. repost (thanks to OP) Elsa Morante - History (retail) (epub).epub (1/7)[email protected] (browser)a.b.e-books483d
25. repost (thanks to OP) Bernard Lewis - Notes on a Century (Reflections of a Middle East Historian).epub (1/4)[email protected] (browser)a.b.e-books486d
26. repost (thanks to OP) Jared Diamond - Guns, Germs, and Steel (The Fates of Human Societies).epub (1/3)[email protected] (browser)a.b.e-books488d
27. repost (thanks to OP) never out of print since 1938 Maurier, Daphne du - Rebecca.epub (1/2)[email protected] (browser)a.b.e-books494d
28. repost (thanks to OP) Susan Wise Bauer - The History of the Ancient World (From the Earliest Accounts to the Fall of Rome).epub (1/26)[email protected] (browser)a.b.e-books495d
29. repost (thanks to OP) Val McDermid - [Karen Pirie 04] - Out of Bounds (epub).epub (1/2)[email protected] (browser)a.b.e-books497d
30. repost (thanks to OP) Herman Wouk - Don't Stop the Carnival.epub (1/2)[email protected] (browser)a.b.e-books498d
31. repost (thanks to OP) Herman Wouk - Marjorie Morningstar.epub (1/3)[email protected] (browser)a.b.e-books498d
32. repost (thanks to OP) Herman Wouk - The Caine Mutiny.epub (1/2)[email protected] (browser)a.b.e-books498d
33. repost (thanks to OP) The Gates of November - Chaim Potok.epub (1/1)[email protected] (browser)a.b.e-books498d
34. repost (thanks to OP) Greg King & Penny Wilson - Twilight of Empire (The Tragedy at Mayerling and the End of the Habsburgs).epub (1/42)[email protected] (browser)a.b.e-books498d
35. repost (thanks to OP) Immanuel Velikovsky - Earth in Upheaval.epub (1/3)[email protected] (browser)a.b.e-books498d
36. repost (thanks to OP) Erich von Daniken - Odyssey of the Gods- The History of Extraterrestrial Contact in Ancient Greece (retail) (epub).epub (1/11)[email protected] (browser)a.b.e-books499d
37. repost (thanks to OP) Erich von Daniken - Signs of the Gods (retail) (epub).epub (1/1)[email protected] (browser)a.b.e-books499d
38. repost (thanks to OP) Erich von Daniken - Remnants of the Gods- A Virtual Tour of Alien Influence in Egypt, Spain, France, Turkey, and Italy (retail) (epub).epub (1/107)[email protected] (browser)a.b.e-books499d
39. Hugh Thomas - World Without End (Spain, Philip II, and the First Global Empire).epub.001 (1/39)
collection size: 29.13 MB, parts available: 78 / 78
- 6 other files
[email protected] (browser)a.b.e-books504d
40. repost (thanks to OP) Barbara W Tuchman - A Distant Mirror (The Calamitous 14th Century).epub (1/30)[email protected] (browser)a.b.e-books505d
41. repost (thanks to OP) Mary Beard - SPQR (A History of Ancient Rome).epub (1/49)[email protected] (browser)a.b.e-books505d
42. repost (thanks to OP) Teffi - Tolstoy, Rasputin, Others, and Me (The Best of Teffi) - Robert Chandler, Anne Marie Jackson (ed) (retail) (epub).epub (1/5)[email protected] (browser)a.b.e-books511d
43. Before Orwell's 'Animal Farm' (1945) there was this (1927) (thanks to OP) Brooks, Walter R - Freddy the Pig 01 - Freddy Goes to Florida (To and Again) (Retail).epub (1/7)[email protected] (browser)a.b.e-books511d
44. Howard Hughes's favorite film is based on this 1963 novel (thanks to OP) Alistair MacLean - Ice Station (1/1)[email protected] (browser)a.b.e-books513d
45. repost (thanks to OP) Weitz, Eric D - Weimar Germany (Promise and Tragedy).epub (1/26)[email protected] (browser)a.b.e-books525d
46. trail-blazing essay (1964) Susan Sontag - Notes on 'Camp'.epub (1/1)[email protected] (browser)a.b.e-books533d
47. repost (thanks to OP) novel (1940) Ernest Hemingway - For Whom the Bell Tolls (v5.0) (epub).epub (1/7)[email protected] (browser)a.b.e-books533d
48. repost (thanks to OP) Brian Greene - The Elegant Universe.epub (1/1)[email protected] (browser)a.b.e-books535d
49. psychological analysis (1852) Charles Mackay - Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds.epub (1/31)[email protected] (browser)a.b.e-books539d
50. repost (thanks to OP) 1959 novel filmed in 1963 by Robert Wise Shirley Jackson - The Haunting of Hill House.epub (1/1)[email protected] (browser)a.b.e-books540d
51. repost (thanks to OP) 1951 postapocalyptic novel filmed in 1962 John Wyndham - The Day of the Triffids.epub (1/1)[email protected] (browser)a.b.e-books540d
52. repost (thanks to OP) scifi classic Ray Bradbury - The Martian Chronicles.epub (1/2)[email protected] (browser)a.b.e-books540d
53. memoir (1926) T E Lawrence - Seven Pillars of Wisdom (A Triumph).epub (1/3)[email protected] (browser)a.b.e-books541d
54. claimed first 'sensation novel' (1859) Wilkie Collins - The Woman in White.epub (1/6)[email protected] (browser)a.b.e-books544d
55. Kernighan & Ritchie - The C Programming Language (2e).pdf (ePUB anyone?) (1/8)[email protected] (browser)a.b.e-books544d
56. repost (thanks to OP) Jacques Derrida - Of Grammatology.epub (1/2)[email protected] (browser)a.b.e-books546d
57. Weimar classic repost (thanks to OP) Christopher Isherwood - The Berlin Stories.epub (1/2)[email protected] (browser)a.b.e-books548d
58. 1908 metaphysical thriller G K Chesterton - The Man Who Was Thursday.epub (1/1)[email protected] (browser)a.b.e-books555d
59. 1933 novel notably filmed in 1937 and as musical in 1973 James Hilton - Lost Horizon.epub (1/1)[email protected] (browser)a.b.e-books557d
60. 1934 novel notably filmed in 1939 and as musical in 1969 James Hilton - Goodbye, Mr Chips.epub (1/1)[email protected] (browser)a.b.e-books557d
61. repost (thanks to OP) Poland - James Michener.epub (1/2)[email protected] (browser)a.b.e-books557d
62. repost (thanks to OP) Rostovtzeff - A Large Estate in Egypt in the Third Century BC (A Study in Economic History).pdf (1/14)[email protected] (browser)a.b.e-books559d
63. nevermind Sigmund Freud - Moses and Monotheism.epub (1/1)[email protected] (browser)a.b.e-books559d
64. repost (thanks to OP) 1965 megahit Arthur Hailey - Hotel.epub (1/4)[email protected] (browser)a.b.e-books561d

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