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(????) [4/4] - "Ecard 101 Quilt Kerstin Widell.rar" yEnc (1/3)longsider07-Sep
(????) [3/4] - "Ecard 003 Quilt & Country.rar" yEnc (1/2)longsider07-Sep
(????) [2/4] - "Dressed to Quilt.rar" yEnc (1/7)longsider07-Sep
(????) [1/4] - "Crazy Quilt.rar" yEnc (1/5)longsider07-Sep
(????) [4/4] - "Unicorns.rar" yEnc (1/2)longsider17-Aug
(????) [3/4] - "Unicorns 02.rar" yEnc (1/8)longsider17-Aug
(????) [3/3] - "Hus 032800 Peacocks 1 Criswell.rar" yEnc (1/1)longsider17-Aug
(????) [2/4] - "Lace Coaster.rar" yEnc (1/1)longsider17-Aug
(????) [1/4] - "Coaster 1.rar" yEnc (1/16)longsider17-Aug
(????) [2/3] - "Dogs.rar" yEnc (1/42)longsider17-Aug
(????) [1/3] - "AD 1333 Autumn Country Cuties.rar" yEnc (1/2)longsider17-Aug
(????) [3/3] - "Ad 1220 Dogs Iv.rar" yEnc (1/5)longsider27-Jul
(????) [2/3] - "AD 1332 Crazy Cow.rar" yEnc (1/6)longsider27-Jul
(????) [1/3] - "AD 1146 farmanimals2.rar" yEnc (1/4)longsider27-Jul
(????) [3/3] - "Country Quilt 2035.rar" yEnc (1/2)longsider13-Jul
(????) [2/3] - "CC03 Shars Quilt.rar" yEnc (1/2)longsider13-Jul
(????) [1/3] - "By Design Bg Quilt.rar" yEnc (1/2)longsider13-Jul
(????) [3/3] - "Ad 1091 Birdhouse.rar" yEnc (1/1)longsider06-Jul
(????) [2/3] - "Ad 1088 Farm Animals 1.rar" yEnc (1/1)longsider06-Jul
(????) [1/3] - "A Stitch A Half Tiny Butterflies.rar" yEnc (1/1)longsider06-Jul
(????) [4/4] - "Butterfly Quilt.rar" yEnc (1/4)longsider20-Jun
(????) [3/4] - "Bunnycup Christmas Capers Quilt Label.rar" yEnc (1/1)longsider20-Jun
(????) [2/4] - "Birdhouse Flower Lavender Rose Quilt.rar" yEnc (1/3)longsider20-Jun
(????) [1/4] - "Big Quilt Blocks.rar" yEnc (1/95)longsider20-Jun
(????) [3/3] - "11598 Dragons 2.rar" yEnc (1/4)longsider01-Jun
(????) [2/3] - "11518 - Tropica Birds.rar" yEnc (1/2)longsider01-Jun
(????) [1/3] - "11502 horses.rar" yEnc (1/2)longsider01-Jun
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free african animals - (1/1)german shepherd 25-May
(????) [1/1] - "11461 animal drawings 1.rar" yEnc (1/2)longsider24-May
(????) [1/1] - "11460 African Animals 1.rar" yEnc (1/2)longsider24-May
(????) [1/1] - "11339 Snakes & Spiders.rar" yEnc (1/1)longsider24-May
(????) [1/1] - "Baltimore Quilt.rar" yEnc (1/32)longsider12-May
(????) [1/1] - "Asian Quilt.rar" yEnc (1/688)longsider12-May
(????) [1/1] - "Artista 558 Debbie Mumm's Quilt shop.rar" yEnc (1/3)longsider12-May
(????) [1/1] - "Anita Goodesign Quilt Feathers.rar" yEnc (1/15)longsider30-Apr
(????) [1/1] - "Americana Quilt.rar" yEnc (1/45)longsider30-Apr
(????) [1/1] - "AD_QUILT.rar" yEnc (1/64)longsider30-Apr
(????) [1/1] - "Ad Er1 Quilt Collection 1.rar" yEnc (1/3)longsider17-Apr
(????) [1/1] - "A3734 - Clothesline - Quilt.rar" yEnc (1/1)longsider17-Apr
(????) [1/1] - "A3732 - Clothesline - Quilt.rar" yEnc (1/1)longsider17-Apr
(????) [1/1] - "701 001100 C12 Quilt 2.rar" yEnc (1/1)longsider05-Apr
(????) [1/1] - "701 000500 C06 Quilt 1.rar" yEnc (1/1)longsider05-Apr
(????) [1/1] - "58 New Quilt Traditions.rar" yEnc (1/4)longsider05-Apr
(????) [1/1] - "1162 Bird Heads.rar" yEnc (1/1)longsider25-Mar
(????) [1/1] - "11261 horses.rar" yEnc (1/2)longsider25-Mar
(????) [1/1] - "547 current critters.rar" yEnc (1/3)longsider15-Mar
(????) [1/1] - "01005 CATS.rar" yEnc (1/2)longsider15-Mar
(????) [1/1] - "174 nursery rhymes redwork.rar" yEnc (1/11)longsider08-Mar
(????) [1/1] - "144 Cats.rar" yEnc (1/2)longsider08-Mar
(????) [2/2] - "133 Working Dogs.rar" yEnc (1/1)longsider27-Feb
(????) [1/2] - "126 Favorite Animals.rar" yEnc (1/2)longsider27-Feb
(????) [1/1] - "Hus 410100 Special Designer Assortment Animals.rar" yEnc (1/11)longsider20-Feb
(????) [1/1] - "21 Noah's Ark.rar" yEnc (1/3)longsider20-Feb
(????) [1/1] - "104 Peter Rabbit.rar" yEnc (1/1)longsider20-Feb
(????) [1/1] - "loveheart designs.rar" yEnc (1/1)longsider10-Feb
(????) [1/1] - "Valentines.rar" yEnc (1/3)longsider10-Feb
(????) [1/1] - "Hearts.rar" yEnc (1/1)longsider10-Feb
(????) [1/1] - "Hearts & Bows 1041.rar" yEnc (1/4)longsider10-Feb
(????) [1/1] - "Applique-Valintien.rar" yEnc (1/1)longsider10-Feb
(????) [1/1] - "2hearts.rar" yEnc (1/1)longsider10-Feb
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ANITA Paisley Daze.rarI (1/89)longsider06-Oct
ANITA Nouveau Birds & Leaves.rarI (1/38)longsider06-Oct
ANITA Natures Jewels.rarI (1/14)longsider06-Oct
ANITA Metallic Christmas.rarI (1/33)longsider27-Sep
ANITA Lace.rarI (1/31)longsider27-Sep
ANITA Lace Bookmsrks.rarI (1/4)longsider27-Sep
ANITA Jolly Holiday.rarI (1/18)longsider15-Sep
ANITA Jolly Holiday 3.rarI (1/15)longsider15-Sep
ANITA Jolly Holiday 2.rarI (1/15)longsider15-Sep
jar hugger3.rarI (1/1)longsider07-Sep
advemb jam jars 2.rarI (1/2)longsider07-Sep
Moose Jar Huggers1.rarI (1/1)longsider07-Sep
Jar Hugger2.rarI (1/1)longsider07-Sep
Jar Hugger1.rarI (1/1)longsider07-Sep
Bugs In The Jar.rarI (1/6)longsider07-Sep
ANITA Jewish Traditions.rarI (1/18)longsider31-Aug
ANITA Insects.rarI (1/6)longsider31-Aug
ANITA In Bloom.rarI (1/12)longsider31-Aug
DB95.rarI (1/17)longsider23-Aug
DB83.rarI (1/175)longsider23-Aug
DB129.rarI (1/9)longsider16-Aug
AmzDes.Winter_Mylar_Magic.rarI (1/4)longsider16-Aug
AD FMM1 Floral Mylar Magic.rarI (1/2)longsider16-Aug
Cubbies-Catalogue-2017-US.pdfI (1/12)longsider11-Aug
ANITA Hummingbirds.rarI (1/46)longsider11-Aug
ANITA Home Decor Leaves.rarI (1/8)longsider11-Aug
ANITA Holiday LACE.rarI (1/20)longsider11-Aug
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passport holder - Passport (1/4)RP 02-Aug
font - (1/18)RP 02-Aug
ND BPM Christmas Decorating (1/1)snicklefritz 01-Aug
Little Brown Jug (1/1)snicklefritz 01-Aug
ANITA Hibiscus.rarI (1/4)longsider31-Jul
ANITA Habilities.rarI (1/15)longsider31-Jul
ANITA Goodesign.rarI (1/333)longsider31-Jul
ANITA Glamour Rocks.rarIanyone want more of this ? (1/4)longsider22-Jul
ANITA Frog Bog.rarIanyone want more of this ? (1/6)longsider22-Jul
ANITA Fringe Alphabet.rarIanyone want more of this ? (1/1)longsider22-Jul
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PEAPODBABES01 (1).zipsnicklefritz 15-Jul want more of this ? (1/1)
collection size: 3.8 MB, parts available: 19 / 19
- 5 other files
longsider08-Jul want more of this ? (1/153)longsider08-Jul
Thanks longsider - (1/1)snicklefritz 08-Jul
ANITA Floral Enchantment.rarI (1/22)longsider05-Jul
ANITA Fashion Paisley.rarI (1/23)longsider05-Jul
ANITA Fashion Coral All Formats.rarI (1/18)longsider27-Jun
ANITA Fall Promotion.rarI (1/118)longsider27-Jun
ANITA Damask Stencils.rarI (1/2)longsider27-Jun
ANITA Daisies 2.rarI (1/26)longsider20-Jun
ANITA Crosses.rarI (1/11)longsider20-Jun
ANITA Cowboy Couture.rarI (1/13)longsider20-Jun
ANITA Christmas Whimsy.rarI (1/19)longsider12-Jun
ANITA Christmas Elegance2.rarI (1/10)longsider12-Jun
ANITA Christmas Elegance.rarI (1/9)longsider12-Jun
ANITA Christmas Cutwork.rarI (1/22)longsider05-Jun
ANITA Christian Cutwork.rarI (1/19)longsider05-Jun
ANITA Charmed Life.rarI (1/9)longsider05-Jun
ANITA Butterfly Cutwork.rarI (1/34)longsider24-May
ANITA Bridal.rarI (1/23)longsider24-May
ANITA Bratz With.rarI (1/8)longsider24-May
ANITA Bluejays.rarI (1/13)longsider14-May
ANITA Bistro.rarI (1/2)longsider14-May
ANITA Big Quilt Blocks.rarI (1/26)longsider14-May
ANITA Beach Retreat.rarI (1/9)longsider06-May
ANITA Baseball bears.rarI (1/20)longsider06-May
ANITA Baby Zoo Animals.rarI (1/7)longsider06-May
ANITA Baby Vintage.rarI (1/9)longsider28-Apr
ANITA Baby Turtles.rarI (1/30)longsider28-Apr
ANITA Baby Lullaby.rarI (1/7)longsider28-Apr
ANITA Baby Construction.rarI (1/4)longsider20-Apr
ANITA Baby Aquarium.rarI (1/5)longsider20-Apr
ANITA Autumn Cutwork.rarI (1/14)longsider20-Apr
ANITA Audreys Roses.rarI (1/15)longsider14-Apr
ANITA Asian.rarI (1/8)longsider14-Apr
ANITA Americana.rarI (1/3)longsider14-Apr
ANITA Americana Quilt.rarI anyone else going to post (1/1)longsider08-Apr
ANITA American Biker.rarI anyone else going to post (1/6)longsider08-Apr
ANITA All Occasion Cards.rarI anyone else going to post (1/8)longsider08-Apr
ANITA African Animals.rarI anyone else going to post (1/116)longsider08-Apr
UT 1359 Monstrus Love monster 85x70 mm.rarI thanks for the posts (1/1)longsider29-Mar
Love Fonts.rarI thanks for the posts (1/1)longsider29-Mar
I Love my Daddy.rarI thanks for the posts (1/1)longsider29-Mar
Urban Threads 1046 Monstrous Love Monster.rarI use this to post... (1/1)longsider24-Mar
Bells.rarI use this to post... (1/3)longsider24-Mar
1202 - Wedding1.rarI use this to post... (1/2)longsider24-Mar
trolls.rarAll I have (1/1)longsider18-Mar
YencPowerPostA&A11b.zipI use this to post... (1/1)longsider18-Mar
I_Love_Bubblegum.rar (1/2)longsider16-Mar
I love my cat.rar (1/1)longsider16-Mar
HOOP LETTER HOLDER.rar (1/5)longsider16-Mar
Bunnycup 326 Hearts and Circles Applique.rar (1/7)longsider09-Mar
ANITA PJ's Young at Heart.rar (1/4)longsider09-Mar
ANITA PJ's Gift Card Holder In The Hoop.rar (1/1)longsider09-Mar
I HEART Dad.rar (1/1)longsider02-Mar
Bunnycup 029 Love Letters Alphabet.rar (1/1)longsider02-Mar
Anita Loveables.rar (1/2)longsider02-Mar
Mothers Day etc.rar (1/1)longsider24-Feb
AN10 Animal Mother's Day.rar (1/4)longsider24-Feb
711 221900 D245 Baby & Hearts.rar (1/2)longsider24-Feb
11776 Mark My Words 2.rar (1/7)longsider24-Feb
1170 - HeartAlphabet.rar (1/5)longsider24-Feb
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Thanks Longsider!! - S-Embroidery 10402_FSLEasterOrnaments2-PES.rar (1/1)snicklefritz 24-Feb
Flower Power.rar (1/2)longsider12-Feb
Batman & Superman 30.rar (1/6)longsider12-Feb
Patriotic Picnic (3projets).rar (1/362)longsider31-Jan
Banners.rar (1/6)longsider31-Jan
Valentines.rar (1/8)longsider25-Jan
UTz1049 Mellow Monster (Stuffie).rar (1/1)longsider25-Jan
Back To School.rar (1/3)longsider18-Jan
Anita Goodesign In the Hoop Projects Accessories.rar (1/156)longsider18-Jan
AL02 - Monsters.rar (1/2)longsider06-Jan
319 Monsters under my bed applique.rar (1/4)longsider06-Jan
Winter Holiday.rarlast ones before xmas (1/3)longsider15-Dec
Ho Ho Ho.rarlast ones before xmas (1/1)longsider15-Dec
ANITA Jolly Holiday.rarlast ones before xmas (1/18)longsider15-Dec
ANITA Holiday LACE.rarlast ones before xmas (1/20)longsider15-Dec
Snowman.rar (1/85)longsider11-Dec
Reindeer.rar (1/50)longsider11-Dec
Santa Claus.rar (1/55)longsider10-Dec
Gingerbread man Dangler.rar (1/51)longsider10-Dec
Mrs Claus.rar (1/53)longsider09-Dec
Elf.rar (1/51)longsider09-Dec
snow globes.rar (1/10)longsider07-Dec
Elegant Angels.rar (1/5)longsider07-Dec
OlafApplique-app candy.rar (1/6)longsider01-Dec
ElsaApplique2-app candy.rar (1/2)longsider01-Dec
Curlz alpha PES.rar (1/1)longsider01-Dec
SMD CHRISTMAS VILLAGE.rar (1/3)longsider25-Nov
Oesd 11068 Village.rar (1/2)longsider25-Nov
Bunnycup 220 Gingerbread Village Applique.rar (1/9)longsider25-Nov
Bunnycup 044 Gingerbread Village.rar (1/2)longsider25-Nov
AD1269 - Victorian Village 1.rar (1/1)longsider25-Nov
Ad 1391 Victorian Village.rar (1/2)longsider21-Nov
450 Jumbo North Pole Village Applique Set 3.rar (1/4)longsider21-Nov
391 Jumbo Northpole Village Set 1.rar (1/9)longsider20-Nov
383 North Pole Village Applique Set 3.rar (1/5)longsider20-Nov
AD 1418 Folk Art Village.rar (1/2)longsider16-Nov
343 North Pole Village colorwork set 3.rar (1/6)longsider16-Nov
Geisha - Tile Scene & Quilt.rar hope this is the one you are after (1/110)longsider14-Nov
328 Northpole village colorwork 2.rar 328 np village cutwork 2 (1/1)longsider14-Nov
11882 English Village 1.rar english village (1/3)longsider14-Nov
285 North Pole Village Colorwork Set.rar 285 np village colorwork set (1/4)longsider10-Nov
273 North Pole Village Applique 2.rar 273 np village applique 2 (1/5)longsider10-Nov
Christmas Village Tile Scene.rar Christmas village tile scene (1/16)longsider08-Nov
265 North Pole Village Applique.rar 265 northpole village applique (1/6)longsider08-Nov
Embroidery Lib. Snow Village sew a story.rar sew a story village (1/6)longsider07-Nov
Snowy Village USA.rar anita g snowy village (1/97)longsider07-Nov
237 North Pole Village set 2.rar northpole village 23 set 2 (1/16)longsider07-Nov
234 North Pole Village.rar northpole village 234 (1/22)longsider07-Nov
Hus Card170 - Traditional Quilted Blocks.rar traditional quilted blocks, hope this helps (1/2)longsider02-Nov
SD 1029 Snowman Gift Boxes.rar snowmen gift boes (1/2)longsider01-Nov
strawberry shortcake.rar strawberry shortcake (1/3)longsider01-Nov
snowbaby4x4.ZIP snowbaby (1/1)longsider01-Nov
XMAS.ZIP mas (1/1)longsider01-Nov
SNOWBOY.ZIP snowboy (1/1)longsider01-Nov circus (1/2)longsider31-Oct
Oesd 11691 Halloween 2.rar oesd halloween 2 (1/3)longsider31-Oct happy halloween (1/1)longsider31-Oct
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Req: Digitizing in PES? - Dlogo.jpg (1/1)WootWoot 03-Jun
Horse New WinRAR ZIP (1/14)<[email protected]>08-May
RE: Paw Patrol, Skye [01/01] "skyehead - SPP.rar" (1/2) yEnc 618300 BytesLucy 18-Mar
Hope this is what you want [1/1] "PRPL Autumn" (1/369) yEnc 221302680 Bytesbluerope 07-Mar
REQ-AG Orchard pdf Autumn-Bounty-Cardstock.pdf (1/52)<[email protected]>06-Mar
12291 12291.rar (1/06)<[email protected]>06-Mar
Another Develer (1/11)<[email protected]>16-Feb
stuff - Chocolate Recipies for Towels.rar (1/1)[email protected]13-Feb
S Develer pt 9 (1/03)<[email protected]>10-Feb
S Develer pt 8 (1/01)<[email protected]>10-Feb
S Develer pt 7 (1/145)<[email protected]>10-Feb
S Develer pt 6 (1/01)<[email protected]>10-Feb
S Develer pt 5 Funky (1/01)<[email protected]>10-Feb
S Develer pt 4 (1/01)<[email protected]>10-Feb
S Develer pt 3 (1/01)<[email protected]>10-Feb
S Develer pt 2 Designs by (1/03)<[email protected]>10-Feb
S Develer pt (1/06)<[email protected]>10-Feb
S Develer pt 10 Thread (1/381)<[email protected]>10-Feb
S Develer pt 1 (1/01)<[email protected]>10-Feb
S Develer (1/91)<[email protected]>10-Feb
S Develer (1/538)<[email protected]>09-Feb
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Anita Gooddesign Baby Giraffes [1/1] "035BAG Baby Giraffes.7z" (1/5) yEnc 2758015 Bytesbluerope 16-Jul
Nightmare before Christmas: This is all I have [1/2] "jack and sally.pdf" (1/1) yEnc 521201 Bytes
collection size: 590 KB, parts available: 2 / 2
- 1 hus file
- 1 pdf file
bluerope 11-Jul
REQ Please digitize this in PES. - il_570xN.53066084.jpg (1/1)teacherlady 14-Jun
Please digitizethis for me in PES Thanks in advance! - il_570xN.53066084.jpg (1/1)teacherlady 11-Jun
Oesd 12456 A Country Spring Try this one [1/1] "Oesd 12456 A Country Spring" (1/18) yEnc 10259309 Bytesbluerope 09-Jun
Forest Friends ADP93-Forest Friends.rar (1/04)<[email protected]>17-May
thread colours wanted - Dogsd~03.pes (1/1)G.Shepherd 12-Mar
oesd to the letter - OESD21004 To The (1/16)friend 08-Mar
oesd suzy the sailor - OESD Suzy (1/3)a friend 08-Mar
oesd peepsqueaks - OESD80022 (1/2)friend 08-Mar
oesd laura birch a briter place - OESD B81018 Laurel Burch A Brighter Place.rar (1/10)a friend 08-Mar
oesd beautiful branches - Oesd 12404 Beautiful Branches (1/16)a friend 08-Mar
oesd a vintage winter - Oesd 12434 A Vintage (1/20)razzy 08-Mar

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