May 23, 2021

This set of recordings was posted to the country mp3 group as 320k mp3s last week by Fingers, who had found it online but had not done the rip from the original CD himself (i.e., NMR).  The problem was that the original CD was a sonic disaster, done by an amateur.  Tracks from badly worn original 78s and 45s were dubbed with no effort at noise reduction, and--even worse--the whole thing was compressed horribly, with a dynamic range of -2 dB to clipping.  It was essentially unlistenable.

I used a couple of professional grade audio editing programs to declip, denoise and otherwise shine up the tracks and am posting them here again as 320k mp3s.  Obviously, recompressing a previously compressed file is normally an abomination, so if you feel that the original post is preferable, feel free to keep it and discard this set.

Fingers also posted some later entries in Warped Records' later "Chronological Homer & Jethro" series, but after Warped 5864, 1957-1959, essentially all the tracks in the series are taken from RCA Victor LPs.  I have recently posted all the RCA Victor LPs of Homer & Jethro in the 1950s, 1960s, comedy and country newsgroups in mid-May 2021.  --DB