Bruce Springsteen
November 8th, 1996
St. Rose of Lima School Gymnasium
Freehold, NJ
Total Time: 2:31:18

Maxell XLII 90 minute high position(CrO2) tapes---Pyle PT-649D Cassette deck--Xitel USB INPort--> Audacity 3.1.1-->24/48.wav files-->Magix 16.6 Cleaning Lab(noise cleanup, slight mastering)-->Goldwave 5.58(volume adjustment, track editing)-->CD Wave Editor(track splits)-->TLH(level 8, verify, SBE check)-->16/44.1.flac files--->mjk5510 wizardry-->YOU

Upload will include .md5 verification file, flac fingerprint, spectral/frequency analysis, and PAR2 recovery files(ABMS only).

DISC ONE (77:22)
01) ΓÇîThe River (7:50)*
02) Adam Raised a Cain (4:17)
03) Straight Time (5:53)
04) Highway 29 (4:45)
05) Darkness on the Edge of Town (3:50)
06) Johnny 99 (4:25)
07) Mansion on the Hill (5:58)**
08) The Wish (7:20)
09) Red Headed Woman (6:40)
10) Two Hearts (4:01)**
11) When You're Alone (3:27)**
12) Open All Night (8:41)
13) Used Cars (4:06)
14) Born in the USA (5:59)

DISC TWO (73:56) 
01) The Ghost of Tom Joad (6:29)
02) Sinaloa Cowboys (7:14)
03) The Line (6:04)
04) Balboa Park (6:01)
05) Across the Border (10:24)
06) Growin' Up (3:19)
07) This Hard Land (5:52)
08) My Hometown (5:58)*
09) Racing in the Street (6:10)*
10) The Promised Land (6:25)
11) Freehold (9:04)
12) outro (0:51)

*=with Soozie Tyrrell
**= with Soozie Tyrrell and Patti Scialfa

Brucebase: A homecoming, so to speak. Very unique. Springsteen's first known performance at his primary school since the late 1965 period, when Bruce (as a member of The Castiles) played CYO dances there. Bruce dedicates "This Hard Land" to Castiles manager Tex Vinyard's wife Marion (who was in the audience). An unprecedented nine tour premieres including the sole tour performances of "Open All Night", "Used Cars" and "My Hometown". Guest performers were Soozie Tyrell on "The River", "My Hometown" and "Racing In the Street", and both Soozie and Patti Scialfa on "Mansion On The Hill", "Two Hearts" and "When You're Alone". World premiere of Bruce's little comedy piece "Freehold". "Dry Lightning" and "Galveston Bay" are each dropped for the first time on the tour.

Notes: Another of the many tapes left to me by Bickle. This is an amazing show, so many new songs done in the solo acoustic format for the first time. Sort of a preview of what the D&D tour would be nine years later. Also a note of great thanks and much appreciation to Mark(mjk5510) for assisting with a distortion issue that I hadn't noticed, to get this to the finish line. The taper had a good location and it is an excellent pull. There are a few songs where there were fades as I guess he was trying to conserve tape. I tried to eliminate them as best as I could. This is a diffeent source than what was used in the Crystal Cat and Midnight Beat release.

Enjoy, Ivan