Coast to Coast - September 14 2017 - Investments & Economy - Parallel Universes

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DATE:   Thursday - September 14, 2017
HOST:   George Noory
GUESTS: Joe Meyer, Dr. Bruce Goldberg

Former Nasdaq arbitrator and long-time stock market analyst, Joe Meyer predicted 
a major downturn when he appeared on Coast to Coast AM in the boom years of 
2004. In the first half on Thursday night, Meyer began with a prediction of 
another recession, coming in early 2018. He believes that the U.S. economy is 
"living on borrowed time" and that the coming recession will last at least a 
year. He says that the bull market we have been enjoying for about eight years 
is far longer than the four year average and that one of the best hedges against 
investment loss is precious metals, particularly silver, which he predicts could 
go over $100 an ounce (it is currently trading at about $18.)

He believes the market is waiting for something to trigger a recession, possibly 
a conflict with North Korea, and suggests that those invested in stocks should 
take their money "off the table, cash out, and move to the sidelines" until 
after the economy recovers. Right now is not a good time to buy a home, Meyer 
believes, but that rental property is a good bet. He pointed out that the U.S. 
Government is holding a vast number of distressed real estate properties that 
will be an investorÆs dream when they begin to appear on the market. Meyer also 
discussed the state of the Veterans' Administration and their healthcare, and 
stated that veterans "deserve better," possibly moving the care to private 
hospitals subsidized by the government.


In the second half, internationally recognized expert in hypnosis and time 
travel, Dr. Bruce Goldberg discussed parallel universes and how to change 
personal frequencies for maximum spiritual growth. Goldberg says that he can 
train his patients by hypnosis to change their lives by setting them on a path 
to live in a parallel universe or reality that is better than their current one. 
He catalogued the scientific theories and possibilities for other universes 
existing alongside our own. He cited research about a "cold spot" which was 
discovered in the observable universe that could be evidence for another 
universe "crashing into" ours.

Goldberg also told the strange story of a man who was detained in the Tokyo 
airport in 1954 carrying a passport and documents from a country "between Spain 
and France" called "Taured." He was locked in a hotel room on a high floor under 
armed guard. The next day, he could not be found, and his documents (held by the 
Japanese authorities) disappeared as well. Goldberg believes this story is one 
example of the existence of other universes or realities. Goldberg says he can 
also cure people of negative life paths and even (on rare occasions) physical 
ailments by his methods, and compared it to "switching TV channels" - the other 
realities are always there, you just arenÆt experiencing them.


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