Title: Lou (2010).PAL.DVD                                                
IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1451395/                               
Living in rural New South Wales, working class single mother Rhia is     
struggling to evade debt collectors and raise three young daughters. The 
eldest, and hardened beyond her years, Lou blames Rhia for the departure 
of her father, who walked out 10 months ago and hasn't been seen since.  
Mother daughter relations hit bottom when Rhia takes in Doyle, her father
in law, who is in the beginning stages of Alzheimer's. Doyle turns Lou's 
initial hostility around with exciting tales of his South Seas           
adventures. But coursing deepest in his mind are fractured memories of   
Annie, his late wife. Before long, Doyle "sees" Annie in Lou and imagines
he is courting her all over again.                                       
Belinda Chayko                                                           
Lily Bell Tindley                                                        
Charlie-Rose MacLennan                                                   
Eloise MacLennan                                                         
John Hurt                                                                
Emily Barclay                                                            
Daniela Farinacci                                                        
Jay Ryan                                                                 
Jonathan Segat                                                           
Damien Garvey                                                            
Logan Reilly                                                             
Format:                     MPEG-PS                                      
File size:                  2.83 GB                                      
Duration:                   1h 17m 11s                                   
Overall bit rate mode:      Variable                                     
Overall bit rate:           5.253 Mbps                                   
Format:                     MPEG Video                                   
Format Version:             Version 2                                    
Standard:                   PAL                                          
Duration:                   1h 17m 11s                                   
Bit rate mode:              Variable                                     
Bit rate:                   4.956 Mbps                                   
Width:                      720 pixels                                   
Height:                     576 pixels                                   
Display aspect ratio:       16:9                                         
Frame rate:                 25.000 fps                                   
Bit depth:                  8 bits                                       
Scan type:                  Interlaced                                   
Scan order:                 Top Field First                              
Format:                     AC-3                                         
Duration:                   1h 17m 11s                                   
Bit rate mode:              Constant                                     
Bit rate:                   192 Kbps                                     
Channel(s):                 2 channels                                   
Channel positions:          Front: L R                                   
Sampling rate:              48.0 KHz                                     
Bit depth:                  16 bits                                      
Compression mode:           Lossy                                        
Language:                   english