The Clone Returns Home (2008) NTSC DVD5 - Custom Subs  

Plot or synopsis:
 Surely one of the most impressive science fiction films to come out of Japan (and the East, for that matter) 
in recent years, Kanji NakajimaÆs "The Clone Returns Home" adopts a fascinating approach to the familiar 
genre element of cloning technology. In the film, a space travel organization resorts to cloning human subjects 
in the event of fatal accidents û as a sort of life insurance in the most literal sense. The hostÆs memories are 
stored in a giant database, then uploaded to his clone(s) when needed. Nakajima mixes this ethically debatable 
method with the affecting story of Kohei (Mitsuhiro Oikawa), an astronaut who, as a boy, grew up alongside his 
twin brother Noboru (both youths played by real-life twins Ry⌠ and Sh⌠ Tsukamoto) until an incident in a river 
resulted in the latterÆs death. While on a mission, Kohei is killed, prompting his superiors to clone him shortly 
thereafter. This brings about a series of unforeseen consequences for the multiple Koheis that are created as 
well as his distressed wife. The film thus makes good use of the ideas surrounding cloning, but is ultimately 
a meditative study of childhood, sibling relationships, memory and identity. Stylistically, it bears a close 
resemblance to Andrei TarkovskyÆs own science fiction films û particularly "Solaris" (1972). Indeed, Nakajima, 
like the Russian master, situates most of the film in settings dominated by nature, enveloping the viewer and 
characters in rain, mist, wind, trees, rivers and fields overgrown with grass and shrubs. It is this vividly represented 
country setting that serves as the everlasting, time-conquered site of KoheiÆs youth that he must revisit. 
The overall experience "Clone" offers is very much a spiritual one, its emotional core embodied by the anguished 
Kohei as memories of his mother and brother resurface and he struggles to find solace from the past. 
Gorgeously photographed and admirably crafted, "The Clone Returns Home" is an equally smart and 
stirring work of art.

Marc Saint-Cyr 

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 Genre............: Drama / SciFi
 Distributor......: Inter Film
 Year.............: 2008
 Country..........: Japan
 Director.........: Kanji NAKAJIMA

 Source...........: DVD5 Retail-Credits to Miikki@ADC
 DVD Format.......: NTSC 
 DVD Size.........: DVD5
 Programs used....: DVD FAB6
 Screen Format....: 1.78:1
 Audio Language...: Japanese 
 Audio Format.....: DD  Stereo
 Subtitles........: English (custom)

 Menu.............: [x] Untouched, intact.
                    [ ] Stripped.

 Video............: [x] Untouched, intact.
                    [ ] Re-encoded.

 DVD Extras.......: [x] Untouched, intact.
                    [ ] Re-encoded.
                    [ ] Stripped.
                    [ ] None on source.                    

Uploader's (Miikki's)Comments:

Transcribed the subs from a hardcoded screener, retimed them and made a few slight changes for a better understanding 
of the dialogue.
All credits to Miikki for sharing this @ADC!!
Enjoy this wonderful movie!!