Trialogues At The Edge Of The Millennium - 1998
June 6th 1998 - University Of California, Santa Cruz
Terence K. McKenna
Rupert Sheldrake
Ralph H. Abraham
No. 1 - Rupert Sheldrake - The Evolutionary Mind - 01:10:01
No. 2 - Terence McKenna - The Evolutionary Mind And The Machine - 01:08:15
No. 3 - Ralph Abraham - The Edge Of The Millennium - 00:55:10
This is a series of talks between Terence McKenna, Rupert Sheldrake and Ralph 
Abraham before a small audience. Each speaker takes their turn at outlining 
the particular subject they have chosen and then the others add their 
thoughts. It is a typical set up for this series of recordings which were made 
throughout the 1990s.
At times, in The Evolutionary Mind And The Machine, I've never heard Terence 
McKenna so far off the mark, I guess he was human after all ;o)
Trialogues at the Edge of the Millennium
Trialogue Press, Santa Cruz
ISBN: 0942344243
Presented: University of California, Santa Cruz
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