Wookie Groomer Presents

Star Wars: A New Hope Split Screen DVD

This DVD is a not for profit analysis for those true hard core fans of the film. 
It is a split screen comparison of the newly or "latest" revised edition with the original 1977 edition. 
Audio track one is the new 2004 stereo soundtrack, audio track two is the 1977 soundtrack and audio three is a mix of 
the two.  The mix of the two brings to light timing and sound effect changes. Some times the audio is in sync and at 
other times it's not. That is because the remastered tracks were not timed properly or equally to the original mix as 
it was re-edited. The 1977 edition may blank out from time to time and that is an indication of an extended or newly 
added scene in the newest edition. I have been seriously considering creating a split screen for Empire and Jedi so if 
time permits I will embark on those. If I feel like it I will, if not I won't. Nothing can be done about it. 
I get very annoyed with the knowitallsky websites that list changes and pretend to be things they are not and know things 
they do not. So here is the definitive hard record of the changes laid down before your very eyes. If I do Empire and Jedi 
the overall image quality of the final DVD may improve as I master this process better.

I watermarked the video to help 
eliminate those no talent pieces of shit ass suckers that take things from those with talent and turn around and steal it 
and profit from it on eBay or take claim. For over a decade I have brought unique things to the world and in turn have been 
screwed time and time again. Since there is no honor among thieves I must cover my ass and watermark my releases from now on.
 If you don't like it, don't leech it.

Aspect ration is 4:3
3 audio tracks

I do not want ANYONE e-mailing me. 
Even though my hushmail account is a part of the onscreen watermark it is not to be used I will NOT respond. 
I don't care what you have to say and will not accept any thanks, criticism, suggestions or comments.

I will not repost this and there will be pars once posting is complete. Once I finish posting I will delete it so help 
each other out. As the Internet community becomes the largest virtual ghetto on Earth I trust there are a few of you out 
there somewhere that will be gracious enough to cover each other in a postive way. But then again, I did have to watermark 
this release so...