TCSW001 - Star Wars: Lego Edition

Author: ThrowgnCpr
Video Format: MPEG2/724x480/4x3/NTSC
Source: various
Single Layer Format
Artwork: case insert and disc label located in DVD_ROM folder


My intent with this release was to preserve the 1 hour brick version of Star
Wars Episode IV created by MRH productions.  Bonus features include the 
animated Revenge of the Brick by Lucasfilm and Treehouse productions.  There 
are also several Star Wars brick film shorts included.  Quality of the shorts
varies from good to rather poor depending on the source quality.

There is a DVD_ROM folder with:
- artwork for the disc and case.
- this nfo file

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TCSW001 - Star Wars: Lego Edition
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This DVD is a fan created preservation project intended for entertainment and
educational use only. This DVD is NOT to be sold for profit. If the material
contained on this DVD is ever made commercially available on any format please
destroy this DVD and purchase an official release.