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          `g    .geeeeeeep   jmeeefj'  .g   #,   ]f   creeeeg.   0,
           \t_   `9.     [   j[   .f   j^b  `#,  j[   lL___,M'  [email protected]
             ^t_   `!,   f   ]f   j'  .#_#.  "L  ]f           y*"'
  .ueeeeeeeeeee!.    ji  [   j[  _f    ___    q, j[   jMw._   `"*eeeeeegn
  .&_______________,c!'  f___]f .&'___f"""b____4.]f___j6 `"+,__________j]
  **********************G4 Icons - Star Wars Games*********************** 
  .__""__""__"__"""_____ ""__"___""`"" ______""___"""""'   ___""__""__"__
   i#""`9.j5"""`b.j'"""# .f""""""#     f"""""""""""`bw   .f^"""""""""""j]
    #b  `4M'    `#M   j' #'  j.  "b    L   .reeee,.   ]  ]_    ,eereeeed]
    `@.  ""   _  ""  .f j'  ,fq   q.   L   iL____d-  _d  `!,    ^q_
     "@,     jg.     J'.[   jLjb  `!.  f    .      ,m"     `*,   `^q.
      "s.   j"Y.    j' ]'   ____   `t  f   .Nw_     "*mveevee*'    _X
       Yf___d  0.___f d'___]""""@___`g L____f  "+,________________jP'
       """"""  """""" """"""    """""" """"""     """""""""""""""""              
                              MMMM    NMZ    MMMM                       
                              MMMM    MMN    MMMM    7.                         
                         8~   7MMM    MMM,   MMM    N:                          
                         ?M    7MM   7MMM+   MM7   DM.                          
                          MM    MM   DMMM$   M8   $M$.                          
                          OMM+   M   MMMMD   N   NMM,                           
                          ,MMM$      MMMMM      MMMM.                           
                           MMMMM     MMMMM     MMMMN.                     
              .,.          MMMMMN   ,MMMMM,   MMMMM7.        ..=.               
               ,M$..       ?MMMMMM  BLAKSVN  MMMMMM,         MD.                
                .MMM~      MMMMMMM..MMMMMMM..MMMMMMM:      MMM..                
                 ,MMMM8.=MMMMMMM+             =MMMMMMM$.MMMMM.                  
                  ~MMMMMMMMMM:                   :MMMMMMMMMM:.                  
                  ..MMMMMMN                         8MMMMMM..            
    .             ..MMMMM                             NMMMM:.            ...    
     ~MM ..  .    :MMMM?                               :MMMMZ      :7MMMM=   
      .MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM~                                  MMMMNMMMMMMMMM,    
       .$MMMMMMMMMMMMO.            ..MMMMMM..              MMMMMMMMM//           
          :MMMMMMMMMZ            .M.ANGRYSUN.M,            :MMMMMMM~       
             DMMMMMM.           *WOOKIEGROOMER*M           .NMMMM.              
               8MMM7.         :MMM.MEBEJEDI.MMMMZ          ,MMMM             
              .MMMM.         .#OCPMOVIE##ROWMAN#M+.         $MMM..         
             .:MMM8         .ZM*EDITDROID*MMMMMMMM.         :MMMZ+ ..           
   . .=ZMMMMMMMMMM7         [email protected]@MMMMMMMMMMMM=         ,MMMMMMMMN8=,.. .   
         ...,78MMM8.        .OMM{LASERMAN}MMMMMMMM.          MMM7:...       
              .MMMM.         [email protected]@M.         7MMM     
               8MMMI.         [email protected]@MMMMM           MMMM.               
               ?MMMM           ,MMMCOWCLOPSMMMMZ.          $MMM8.               
             OMMMMMM?           .M:MAGNOLIAFAN:.           MMMMM?.       
          .NMMMMMMMMM+             .MMMMMMMM.             DMMMMMMMD,.           
        ~NMMMMMMMMMMMM, .                                NMMMMMMMMMMM:.     
     .$MMMMD$:,.. 7MMMM:.                               DMMMM :+ONMMMMMI..      
   .?=.            :MMMM8,                            :MMMM8..        ,+Z$ ..   
                    NMMMMM+                         .OMMMMM:.    
                  .NMMMMMMMMD:.                  .?MMMMMMMMMN.                
                 .MMMMM~~MMMMMMM+.            .8MMMMMMD,~MMMM$.                
                 DMMO.     MMMMMMMMMTORRENTZMMMMMMM?.     ZMM=                 
               .IM:        ,MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.        ,N$                
              .I..        .IMMMMM:?DMMMMMMMMO:.MMMMM,             
             .             NMMMM.   .:MMMM.    .NMMMZ.              
                           MMMM.     .8MMM      .MMMM.                    
                          .MMM.      .,MM=       .OMM+                          
                          +MN.        .MM         .DMN.                         
                          NN.         .Z=          .8M.                         
                         ,M.          .,.           .I.                         
                         /             .              \                        

We would like to state that this particular DVD is intended ONLY for those very 
unfortunate Star Wars fans in countries or locations where G4TV does NOT air and 
should be only be used for private home viewing and must not be distributed for 
profit - please don't support piracy.

From The Angrysun Collection...

G4 Icons - Star Wars Games

//Release Information//  

Angrysun Release BLAK0026


Type................: DVD Movie
Platform............: VIDEO_TS 
Burn Tested.........: Yes
Video Format........: DVD/VOB/MPEG2/720x480/4:3 FULLSCREEN/NTSC
Audio Format........: MPEG 2.0 - 384Kbps
Size................: 1.24 GB


Source..............: TiVo2Go transfer
Runtime.............: 20 min 00 sec
Genre...............: Video Game Documentary
Disc Creator[s].....: Angrysun
Release Group.......: Blaksvn-Torrentz

//Featured Film//

G4 Icons - Star Wars Games
Episode #5005 - ORIGINALLY AIRED: 5/12/2005

Following the debut of the first Star Wars film in the late 1970's, Star Wars 
games have become an almost natural extension of the series' plot and 
experience, feeding the frenzy of fans thirsting for more. Starting with the 
first arcade game in 1983, fans went nuts for anything based on the series, 
spawning the first rush of Star Wars games to the home console market. However, 
it was not until 1991 that LucasFilm Games (now LucasArts) produced their own 
game based off their most famous series for the Nintendo Entertainment System. 
They would go on to produce a number of hits including X-Wing, TIE Fighter and 
Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight, though working with their proprietary content did 
not guarantee them a good game, as proven by such flops as Masters of Teras Kasi 
and Star Wars: Rebellion. However, the release of the new Star Wars Trilogy 
beginning in 1999 would prove to inject new life into the series of games 
including Jedi Academy, Knights of the Old Republic and the series' first MMO, 
Star Wars Galaxies.


//Viewing Notes//

- For best results enjoy with Orville Redenbacher's Popcorn and Coca-Cola
- Spark it if you have it!
- Another Fine Ass Blaksvn Torrent
- Word to the Spookies...

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I do not want anyone to feel that I'm attempting to exploit these wonderful 
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at the same time keep the Star Wars Fan Created Universe Alive and free of 

So the breakdown -

In this torrent you'll find
1 - Video_TS folder that all set to burn!

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Date Posted..........: 05-16-05
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