bh009: Star Wars Trilogy: Special Edition Audio/Visual Press Kit

Author: babyhum
Video Format: MPEG2/704x480(Home Video Featurette 720x480)/4x3/NTSC/Av.Bitrate 7200kbps
Audio Format: Linear PCM (Featurette Dolby Digital 2.0 192kbps)
Source: DigitalFreakNYC DVD transfer from VHS cassette (Featurette: 5 Star DVD set)
Duration: 83m 07s
Size: 4.29GB
Artwork: LABEL.tif & COVER.tif located in DVD_ROM folder

An Audio/Visual Press Kit or EPK (Electronic Press Kit) is a bundle of (usually promotional or public relations) material that might interest media, offering journalists or programme-makers re-usable resources - background information, as well as copyright-cleared photography, audio or video. Can be delivered via the web or as CD, DVD, video or any combination. Also included on this disc is the featurette and trailers that came packaged with the home video release of the Special Edition Trilogy

babyhum Release List:
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bh002: Horizon: How To Film The Impossible
bh003: The Mythology Of Star Wars
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bh006: When Star Wars Ruled The World
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bh009: Star Wars Trilogy: Special Edition Audio/Visual Press Kit

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This DVD is a fan created preservation project intended for entertainment and educational use only. This DVD is NOT to be sold for profit. If the material contained on this DVD is ever made commercially available on any format please destroy this DVD and purchase an official release.