Horizon - How To Film The Impossible - Remastered

Author: Harmy
Date: 15-Jul-2018

Hi guys!

Horizon - How To Film The Impossible is, in my opinion, possibly the best documentary about classic VFX ever made.

I found a fairly decent copy of it on Myspleen some time ago but itΓÇÖs still only a DVD transfer of an old videotape, with lots of noise, dropouts, interlacing artifact and really noisy sound. So I wanted to clean it up a little but never got around to finishing it.

It is a project IΓÇÖve wanted to do for ages and when I recently wanted to use this amazing documentary to demonstrate something, I found that out of the two copies that used to be on youtube, only the worse one remains and itΓÇÖs really bad.

Also, our company started a VFX academy to train future compositors, because they always have trouble finding good people, and as part of this, they started doing lectures on history of VFX and I suggested this documentary to my colleague, who heads the academy and he loved it and asked me if I could possibly bring him a higher quality copy than what was on youtube.

This motivated me to finally do this little cleanup project this weekend (well, Friday night and Saturday, really - I was at work all day today) but those of you who know me will probably know that I didn’t stop at just doing a bit of cleanup 😄

And so, hereΓÇÖs the Horizon - How To Film The Impossible - Remastered:


HereΓÇÖs a little video I made about the documentary, which got deleted from YouTube:
The Best Classic VFX Documentary Ever Made.mp4
And here is a modernized remastered version of the Horizon documentary I made:
Horizon-How To Film The Impossible-Remastered.mp4
And a purist remastered version with black bars to adjust for the changing aspect ratios:
Horizon-How To Film The Impossible-Remastered-Purist.mp4


I hope you enjoy this extraordinary look at how visual effects used to be made.