This PPF patch is for The.Simpsons.Game.USA.XBOX360-APATHY only.

This patch fixes 10 bytes of missing data in the video partition as well as
6 sectors of bad data in the game partition at offset 0xFE1D800 and another
9 sectors at offset 0x1003B800. There are no files this area, however the
bad data could serve as a marker for XBL backup detection.

Note: The_Simpsons_Game_NTSC_XBOX360-VORTEX is also reported to have corrupt
game data, however i don't have the release to make a patch.
DO NOT apply this patch to the VORTEX release.

VORTEX game data CRC = 5102753B
APATHY game data CRC = 8553392F
proper game data CRC = B7979573 (what you'll get by applying this ppf to APATHY)


1. Open ppf-o-matic3.exe
2. Select ISO File apathy-simpsons.iso
3. Select Patch apathy-simpsons.fix.ppf
4. Apply!
5. Burn using the .dvd file as normal