Mama (2011) NTSC DVD9
Plot or synopsis:
 The title explains it all. Mama is a story about a mother and her children. Three couples appear in the film. 
Their stories, which started out as if thereÆs no common nature whatsoever, begins to create a big picture as 
each character starts to connect to one another naturally. First couple is Dong-sook (UHM Jung-hwa) and her 
son Won-jae (LEE Hyeong-seok) who is suffering from a rare disease. Dongsook sells drinking yogurt door to 
door for a living and saves up as if thereÆs no tomorrow, all to have an around-the-world trip with her son Won-jae. 
Although their life is difficult, they live a happy life until it faces a crisis with Dong-sook being diagnosed with 
ovarian cancer. Second couple is Hee-gyeong (JEON Su-kyung) and Eun-seong (RYU Hyeon-kyung), a 
mother-daughter tandem who are always at each otherÆs throat. Eun-seong is always on the shadow of her 
mother Hee-kyung, who is a famous soprano singer. She had to give up her dream of becoming a singer because 
of her mother and, unable to hold back all the frustrations from her motherÆs never-changing, selfish nature, explodes 
on her mother one day. The third couple is Ok-ju (KIM Hae-sook) and Seungcheol (YOO Hae-jin), a loving mother 
and son duo. Seung-cheol is a good son who has never lied to her mother except for one time which was about his 
profession. Even though Seung-cheol is a local gangster, Ok-ju firmly believes he is an English teacher at a local 
Seung-cheol will go out of his way for whatever his mother says and, upon hearing her desire in seeking her first-love, 
begins to search for Ok-juÆs first love all over the country. As shown above, Mama is a film that crosses humanistic 
drama and comedy to unfold æmama storyÆ in our daily lives in various ways. UHM Jung-hwa, who has been starring in 
films of various genre of late to expand her performing roles; YOO Hae-jin of Moss fame, and KIM Hae-sook with her 
notable performance in Thirst all star in an anticipation for this film. Director CHOI made his feature debut with Voice (2005) 
and directed KoreaÆs first-ever rotoscoped animation film Life is Cool (2008). Mama is his third directorial effort. 

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 Genre............: Comedy / Drama
 Distributor......: premiumentertainment
 Year.............: 2011
 Country..........: Korea
 Director.........: Choi Equan

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 DVD Format.......: NTSC
 DVD Size.........: DVD9
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 Screen Format....: Widescreen
 Audio Language...: Korea
 Audio Format.....: DD 2.0, DD 5.1
 Subtitles........: English

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