City Hunter (2011) NTSC DVD9-Disc2 (out of 7)
 Boys Over Flowers star Lee Min Ho and Sungkyunkwan Scandal heroine Park Min Young team 
up for the Korean drama adaptation of the popular manga City Hunter. Helmed by Prosecutor Princess 
and Brilliant Legacy director Jin Hyuk, SBS's take on City Hunter departs from the original manga's 
premise for an action-packed, adrenaline-pumping revenge drama suggestive of an origin story. Lee Min Ho 
stars as the eponymous vigilante out for justice and revenge, while Park Min Young co-stars as the spunky 
presidential bodyguard whose appearance puts a dent in his lone ranger plans. Lee Joon Hyuk (City Hall) is 
the stubbornly righteous prosecutor who hunts the City Hunter, Cheon Ho Jin the President with skeletons 
in his closet, and Kim Sang Joong the ruthless father hell-bent on revenge. Kim Sang Ho, Running Man 
funnyman Lee Kwang Soo, and Kara's Goo Hara also appear in supporting roles in City Hunter.

In 1983, a South Korean task unit is sent into North Korea on a secret retaliation mission. After the mission, 
the task unit is killed at sea by their own government to cover up the incident. The only man to survive, 
Jin Pyo (Kim Sang Joong) vows to avenge his fallen comrades. He kidnaps his late friend's son Yoon Sung 
and escapes to Thailand, vigorously training him for the mission that lies ahead.

Twenty-eight years later, Yoon Sung (Lee Min Ho) arrives in Seoul to begin his revenge against the Group of Five, 
the men behind the brutal cover-up. By day a playboy network analyst at the presidential Blue House, 
Yoon Sung lurks in the shadows as the headline-splashing "City Hunter". After picking out his enemies, 
he exposes their crimes to the public, and drops them off at the doorsteps of prosecutor Young Joo 
(Lee Joon Hyuk), who is determined to bring both the corrupt officials and the City Hunter to justice. 
Yoon Sung wants to defend the weak and settle past debts his way, but Jin Pyo knows only of bloody, 
destructive revenge. As the revenge plan heats up, Yoon Sung must go up against not only the Group of Five 
and Young Joo, but also his own foster father. 

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 Genre............: Action/Drama
 Distributor......: YA Entertainment
 Year.............: 2011
 Country..........: South Korea
 Director.........: Jin Hyuk
 Source...........: DVD9 Retail-Own collection
 DVD Format.......: NTSC 
 DVD Size.........: DVD9
 Programs Used....: DVD Decrypter
 Screen Format....: Widescreen
 Audio Language...: Korean
 Audio Format.....: DD 2.0
 Subtitles........: English

 Menu.............: [x] Untouched, intact.
                    [ ] Stripped.

 Video............: [x] Untouched, intact.
                    [ ] Re-encoded.

 DVD Extras.......: [x] Untouched, intact.
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Contains episodes 4-6.
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