- C O M P L E X -

The Gunstringer (c) Microsoft

Region      : Region Free           Languages: English
Size        : 01 DVD                Genre    : Action/Kinect
Platform    : XBOX 360              Date     : September 2011

Release Info:

The Gunstringer is a unique and innovative Kinect-based platformer/shooter
by Twisted Pixel. The twist: you puppeteer an awesome gun-toting cowboy
marionette with your hands! Through a series of on stage performances, you
puppeteer the Gunstringer in a western-themed revenge story. Taking cues
from classic spaghetti westerns all the way to modern revenge tales,
players will puppeteer the Gunstringer through a wide range of jaw-dropping
moments in order to seek revenge on the posse that betrayed him and left
him for dead.

The Gunstringer marries Twisted Pixel's beloved story, character gameplay
and polish with fresh gameplay mechanics. From the feel of actually
puppeteering a character through a variety of 3D and 2D gameplay styles,
all the way to modern twists like competing against your friends via
leaderboards and drop in and drop out local co-op support, The Gunstringer
provides players with fun gameplay experiences that haven't been seen

The Puppet Master Experience: The Gunstringer is an awesome cowboy
marionette that you get to control! Kinect allows you to fully move the
Gunstringer through his adventures as if you were actually performing, even
when sitting on a couch. A Full Ensemble: Whether it's a second person
jumping in and shooting alongside you or tracking and competing against
your friend's progress on Xbox LIVE through leaderboards, The Gunstringer
takes standard solo platforming and shooting mechanics and evolves them for
fun competitive action. Encore performances: With a full suite of
collectables, unlockables, abilities, rewards and more, there's always a
reason to play an encore performance!

Extensive animation sets for Gunstringer and other characters to
highlight personality.

4 main plays, 2 acts each, plus an intro and finale

Entire set pieces drop in front of player.

Seamless 3D <-> 2D gameplay transitions.

Numerous objects and enemies.

Stage-based level select and backstage area that functions as a hub.


Enjoy another non XGD3 title :)

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