iDEAS Presents:

Q:  What systems are on the disc?

A:	- Atari 2600
	- Atari 7800
	- Atari Lynx
	- Colecovision
	- Intellivision
	- MSX
	- MSX2
	- Nintendo Entertainment System
	- Super NES
	- Sega Master System
	- Sega Genesis
	- Turbografx 16
	- Neo Geo Pocket
	- WonderSwan

Q:  How many games are there, total, between all the systems?

A:  14,620

Q:  Can I extract the ISO and put the contents on my Xbox hard drive?

A:  Short answer, no.  Long answer, yes, with a "but."  The Xbox can read 128-character filenames
from a disc, but filenames on the hard drive are limited to 30-something characters.  When you try
to transfer the contents of the ISO to the Xbox, you'll get errors on all the filenames longer
than that limit.  All the shorter ones should transfer fine, though, and so should all the files
neccessary for the operation of all the emulators.  If you want to play ALL the games off the HDD,
you'll have to get a batch renamer program (there are lots of freeware ones) to truncate the filenames.

Q:  How do I exit from a game so I can choose another game?

A:  You press the right control stick IN, like it's a button.


Notes: This is a homebrew disc. Enjoy the collection of your favorite classic games on your xbox!