Yankee Doodle Dandy (1942)


Director: Michael Curtiz

Cast: James Cagney, Joan Leslie, Walter Huston, Richard Whorf, Irene Manning,
George Tobias, Rosemary DeCamp, Jeanne Cagney, Frances Langford, George Barbier,
S Z Sakall, Walter Catlett, Douglas Croft, Eddie Foy Jr, Minor Watson,
Chester Clute, Odette Myrtil, Patsy Parsons, Jack Young, Eddie Acuff,
Murray Alper, Ernest Anderson, Vivian Austin, Leon Belasco, Brooks Benedict,
Henry Blair, Walter Brooke, Leslie Brooks, Georgia Carroll, Glen Cavender,
Dick Chandlee, Spencer Charters, Wallis Clark, Alan Copeland, William B Davidson,
Ann Doran, Tom Dugan, Bill Edwards, Frank Faylen, Pat Flaherty, Robert Flatley,
James Flavin, William Forrest, William Gillespie, Art Gilmore, Joe Gray,
Creighton Hale, John Hamilton, Harry Hayden, Stuart Holmes, William Hopper,
Joyce Horne, Charles Irwin, Thomas E Jackson, Marijo James, Eddie Kane,
Edward Keane, Dorothy Kelly, Fred Kelsey, Phyllis Kennedy, Vera Lewis,
Audrey Long, Jerrie Lynne, Hank Mann, Jo Ann Marlowe, Louis Mason, Frank Mayo,
Lon McCallister, Edward McWade, George Meeker, John 'Skins' Miller, Frank Mills,
Bert Moorhouse, Dolores Moran, Charles Morton, Jack Mower, Lee Murray, Garry Owen,
Paul Panzer, Francis Pierlot, Joyce Reynolds, Ruth Robinson, Clinton Rosemond,
Thomas W Ross, Syd Saylor, Harry Seymour, John Sheehan, Charles Smith,
Elliott Sullivan, Frank Sully, Sailor Vincent, Dick Wessel, Leo White,
Poppy Wilde, Dave Willock, Joan Winfield, Jack Wise

Description: James Cagney won the Best Actor Oscar for his lively portrayal of
'Mr Broadway', George M Cohan, in this lavish screen biography that highlights
Cagney in some of his finest song-and-dance routines. Cohan, a playwright,
entertainer, composer, and patriot, made his mark on the vaudeville stage and
penned many memorable tunes, including 'Over There', 'It's a Grand Old Flag',
'Give My Regards to Broadway', and the film's rousing title number.

Performances: 'The Yankee Doodle Boy' [James Cagney and Chorus]

              'Give My Regards to Broadway' [James Cagney and Chorus]

              'Over There' [Frances Langford, James Cagney, and Chorus]

              'You're a Grand Old Flag' [James Cagney and Chorus]

              'Mary's a Grand Old Name' [James Cagney and Joan Leslie
                                        (Sally Sweetland); also Irene Manning]

              'Forty-Five Minutes from Broadway' [James Cagney; also Chorus]

              'So Long, Mary' [Irene Manning and Chorus]

              'Off the Record' [James Cagney]

              'Harrigan' [James Cagney and Joan Leslie (Sally Sweetland)]

              'At a Georgia Camp Meeting' [Henry Blair, Walter Huston,
                                           Rosemary DeCamp, and Jo Ann Marlowe]

              'I Was Born in Virginia' [James Cagney, Walter Huston,
                                        Rosemary DeCamp, and Jeanne Cagney]

              'While Strolling Through the Park One Day' [Patsy Parsons]

              'The Warmest Baby in the Bunch' [Joan Leslie (Sally Sweetland)]

              'The Red, White and Blue' [Orchestral]

              'Keep Your Eyes Upon Me (Dancing Master)' [Walter Huston;
                                                         also Henry Blair]

              'Good Luck, Johnny' [Chorus]

              'Little Johnny Jones' [Chorus]

              'All Aboard for Old Broadway' [Chorus]

              'Oh, You Wonderful Girl' [Part of medley/montage]

              'Blue Skies, Gray Skies' [Part of medley/montage]

              'The Belle of the Barbers' Ball' [Part of medley/montage]

              '(I Wish I Was in) Dixie's Land' [Grand Old Flag" sequence]

              'The Battle Hymn of the Republic' [Grand Old Flag" sequence]

              'Auld Lang Syne' [Grand Old Flag" sequence]

              'When Johnny Comes Marching Home' [Grand Old Flag" sequence]

              'America, My Country 'Tis of Thee' [Grand Old Flag" sequence]

              'Like the Wandering Minstrel' [Part of the travel montage]

              'The Love Nest' [Frances Langford]

              'Nellie Kelly, I Love You' [Frances Langford]

              'The Man Who Owns Broadway' [Frances Langford]

              'Molly Malone' [Frances Langford]

              'Billie' [Frances Langford]

              'Jeepers Creepers' [Dick Chandlee, Joyce Horne, Joyce Reynolds,
                                  and Charles Smith]

              'In a Kingdom of Our Own' [Frances Langford]

              'You Remind Me of My Mother' [James Cagney]

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