Jackie Warner's Personal Training with Jackie: Crunch-Free Xtreme Abs (Fitness, Workout, Exercise)

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Television star, Jackie Warner, is known for sculpting some of the best bodies. 
Her renowned workouts command up to $400 per hour. Now you can experience JackieÆs 
personal training at home with Crunch-Free Xtreme Abs.
Crunches: we all hate doing them. So donÆt! You donÆt need crunches to get a lean, 
flat, toned, and sexy midsection. In JackieÆs crunch-free training program, crunches 
are considered a waste of time. Learn her secrets to getting those AMAZING abs in these 
two innovative workouts just 15 minutes each! One routine gives you the option to sculpt 
your abs and strengthen your core with exercises all performed from a standing position. 
For the other routine, youÆll hit the floor to tone, tighten, and firm even further. 
Alternate routines and work out with Jackie three times per week to attack your abs 
from every angle and get trimmer, tighter, flatter absùfast!

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