The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, R1, 6 Pass CCE, Replica, Fix, No Junk

Removes Unused (but referneced) menus
Removes 4 junk Titles 
Removes 4 junk Video Title Sets 
Removes 16 junk files 
Removed junk commands a junk PGCs from the Video Manager
Menu Loads quicker (optimized FirstPlay)

Instructions: Create a working directory with a VIDEO_TS subdirectory.  
Mount the image (I use UltraISO) and copy VTS_01_0.VOB through VTS_01_5.VOB 
to a VIDEO_TS subdirectory in your working directory.  
Add these NEW files to that same VIDEO_TS subdirectory that contains 
ONLY the files mentioned above. 

Build and image and burn, as usual, with ImgBurn (using verification)