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Say goodbye to those marathon workoutsàwith Great Body Guaranteed! 
You can achieve spectacular results in less than 10 minutes a day and in just 30 days! 
ThereÆs no faster, easier way to slim, tighten, and tone your entire body.

Celebrity trainers Debbie Siebers and Tony Horton created Great Body Guaranteed! 
using the science of Sectional Progression to get you the most jaw-dropping results 
in the shortest amount of time. With Sectional Progression each movement targets a 
specific zone for maximum definition without any wasted effort.

Just pick the routine you want to do (alternating each day to hit a different muscle group), 
and youÆve got a challenging, complete workoutùin just a few short minutes!

Every program features a special countdown timer to motivate you to the finish line! 
This unique on-screen display marks your progress and helps you stay on track to get the results you want.

Tony Horton and Debbie Siebers û 10 Minute Fitness for a Great Body

ItÆs a ten minute physical Fitness Programme for a Great Body
- Great Abs
- Great Arms
- Great Buns
- Great Stretch
- Great Thighs


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