Serious Mixing - Learn to DJ - DVD-Rip DivX 2006

Anne Savage and JFK present an educational masterpiece that 
goes into detail, step-by-step, of what you need to know to 
DJàand DJ well. From setting up equipment to buying records 
to completing your first seamless mix - this is a must for 
ALL DJs with even the experienced DJ can learn a thing or two. 
JFK opens the program demonstrating the basics, giving sound 
advice on how to structure sets, keep the floor and teaches 
the principles of beatmatching, whilst Anne shows off the more 
advanced and technical side of mixing in the later half.

Serious are behind the series and is an organization at the heart 
of the dance music business. They live, work and play amongst the 
industryÆs key figures, creating the best nights, producing successful 
dance records and managing the careers of the largest names in their 
quest to maximize the potential of what has been rightly called the 
dance music phenomenon.

Serious are indeed, one of the biggest players in the clubbing 
industry and are therefore just the people to present a series 
of everything you need to know.

Featuring exclusive interviews and footage from some of the worlds 
most famous nights across the UK - Slinky, Kool Waters, PaSSion, 
Escape and The Cross plus advice from an eclectic mix of Serious 
DJs such as Judge Jules, Norman Jay MBE, John Kelly and Gatecrasher 
residents Scott Bond & Matt Hardwick. The soundtrack contains an 
impressive range of anthems such as; M Factor "Mother", 
Sushi "The Earthshaker", Jam X & De Leon "Can You Dig It?", 
JFK "Good God", David Forbes "Questions" and Beatpusher "Saving Grace", 
to name but a few.

Serious Mixing with Hard to Find Records in Birmingham, make for an 
exclusive section of the dvd, giving advice on buying records, explaining 
white labels, promo's and imports as well as looking after your equipment.

"This is pretty much the first DVD of its kind and I am really pleased 
to have been involved with it, especially if it means getting people more 
involved in music and channelling the talents of the youth of today in 
the right ways. There was nothing around like this when I started, 
I had to learn from my own mistakes. This is a great way for absolute 
beginners to those who can just about mix, to get some top advice from 
two pros and learn about other tactics from some of the best in the industry"
Anne Savage

"I am very excited, honoured and privileged to be involved in such a 
prestigious and ground breaking project. It's a great feeling to know 
Anne and I can be part of teaching the superstar DJs of tomorrow especially 
if they have been the ones supporting our music and us over the years. 
Everyone dreams of being a DJ - so what we hope to achieve from this 
DVD is to teach everyone from the absolute beginners to those more 
proficient Dj's the skills and techniques that will enable them to 
progress to the next level and move them closer to becoming the 
admiration of future clubbers like themselves." JFK

You're probably not going to find one source of musical education 
and creativity as diverse as this.

--- Have fun!!! ----