Mind Body & Kick Ass Moves รป Docu - DVDRip XvID English 2010


An Insider's Guide to Martial Arts

The Complete Series One

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The world of martial arts  is shrouded in centuries of myth and mystery. 
But are the moves and impossible physical feats that are the hallmark of 
cult martial arts  movies merely the stuff of urban legend? 
Chris Crudelli is a unique figure on the UK martial arts scene who trained 
in the Far East with a number of real-life masters. 
An expert in a range of disciplines including Tai Chi Kung Fu and Chi Gong 
he is the perfect guide to the world of martial arts for the initiated and the uninitiated alike. 
Chris travels to far-flung corners of China Japan the Philippines and Taiwan 
to meet the ultimate martial arts masters. 
Meetings with the masters often took place in the most extraordinary circumstances 
and Chris sparred with them learnt new techniques and got a real insight into some of their most 
secret ways of self defence.

The series investigates aspects of each different martial art by filming the masters 
demonstrating their style and skills. There is one series of 10 episodes. 
Each episode focusses on a mix of different martial arts and masters and shows Crudelli taking 
some martial arts and tricks to the streets, in a style similar to street magic. 
The opening narration states Crudelli is a master of combat and esoteric energies.


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