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Tagline  - The action was his life... without it he was dead.

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Source...............: ntsc dvd
Studio.......: Shout Factory
Video Aspect Ratio...: 1.78:1
Format.........:  dvd9
compression.......: untouched
Languages.............:  English
Size.................: .5.42g
cover.................: yes


Compression Format...:  Split ISO (QuickPar)
Recovery: Par2
Parity Files.........: 8% 

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added :

Prince and the Nature Girl (1965, Doris Wishman) - available as VOD from Retro Seduction Cinema. Cannot understand why they didn't put it out on dvd when
                              they released Hideout in the Sun
Sergeant Deadhead the Astronaut  [1965] MGM on Demand dvd

Filled :

DVD releases
Year of the Sex Olympics  (BFI prefered but Sinister Cinema will do)

no DVD releases
*****Alias John Preston [1956]   (Sinister Cinema)
Annabelle Lee/aka: Diabolique Wedding (1968)
Aries Computer, The (1972)
Baron Against the Demons /aka: Star Trooper (2006) is on Japanese DVD
*****Black Abbot, The (1934)       (SC)
Blood Frenzy (1987) with Lisa Loring
Captain Star (1997) 13ep animated tv series
Captive Women  [1952] US release
Cat Creature  [1973tvm]
Catman of Paris [1946]
Crazy Knights [1944]  - US deleted
Crime of dr Crespi  [1935] US video  (SC)   
Dark Echoes (1977)
Daughters of Darkness (1975) with Helen Madigan & Joey Silvera. Got "short" on SWV dvdr. Think it's edited though
Dead don't die  [1975tvm] deleted
*****Death Run (1987, Michael J. Murphy) Thai dvd available(expensive). got poor avi encode.
Devil Woman [1976] Jimmy Pasqual   
Dr Cook's Garden [1971tvm]....need better copy
Dr Frankenstein on Campus/Flick  [1970]
Elves (1989) UK vhs is cut
Eve/Face of Eve  [1968] Jeremy Summers
Evictors, The [1979]
Face of Darkness [1976]
Fanny Hill Meets Dr Erotico [1967]
Francis in the Haunted House  [1956]
From Ear to Ear/Les Cousines  [1971]  US video is edited/cut
Galaxy (1986, Brett Piper) 
Ghost of Sierra de Cabre (1964)
God Bless Dr Shagetz (1974, Edward Collins & Larry Spiegel)
Goodbye 20th Century /Zbogum na Dvaesetiot vek (1998)
Help Me... I'm Possessed/aka: The Possessed (1976, Charles Nizet) 
Homebodies [1974] deleted
Horror of it All [1964]................thanks Count Chocula for the avi
Hunchback of Notre Dame (1977) (British tvm) 
Is This Trip Really Necessary? /Blood of the Iron Maiden [1970] 
Joy N. Houck Jr [director]
     Night of the Strangler/ aka Dirty Dan's Women/Is the Father Black Enough? (1972)
     Women and Bloody Terror/  aka His Wife's Habit  (1969) 
King Dong [1985]
Last Generation  [1971]
Legacy of Horror  [1978] Andy Milligan
*****Legend of Blood Mountain [1965]  ............SWV video, no dvdr - as Blood Beast of monster Mountain
                             also on Camp Video as Demon Hunter
Legend of Hillbilly John/Who Fears the Devil? [1973]
Legend of the Werewolf [ 1975]
Maggie Nolan [actress]
     Fabulous Vicki Kennedy/ Tensions/ Fantastique/ The Four Poster - all 1950's 8mm loops
     It's a Bare, Bare World [1961] 30min British nudie
*****Metalstorm 3D [1983] dvdr sold on ebay
Miss Leslie's Dolls (1972, Joseph P Mawra)
Moro the Witch Doctor  [1964]
Mysterious Planet [1982, Brett Piper] US vhs which is now deleted
Nest of Cookoo Birds  [1965]
Never the Twain (1974) 
Night Slaves  [1970tvm]
Night the Banshee Cried [1957] Ed Wood short
Nocturna [1978]
No Tears for the Damned /Las Vegas Strangler [1968]
On Her Bed of Roses/Psychedelic Sexualis  [1966] 
On the Threshold of Space
Paradisio  [1962] 
Prince and the Nature Girl (1965, Doris Wishman)
Perils of Mandy [1980, Kenneth F Rowles]
Project M-7/The Net  [1953]
Pussycat Paradise/The Nudist Story (1960)
Return of the Ape Man [1944]...................thanks Count Chocula for the avi
Return to Boggy Creek (1977)
Sreamers - US version of Island of the Fishmen
Screams of the Winters Night  [1979]
Serpent Island  [1954] deleted
Shadows in the City (1991) Director:Ari M. Roussimoff
Shotgun Wedding (1963)  Ed Wood Script  - Australian video
Shot in the Dark, A (1933) 
Slaves of Love (1969, Charles Nizet) 
So Sad About Gloria  [1973]
Some Call it Loving [1973]
Some Like it Cool [1961,Michael Winner]
Something to Hide/aka: Shattered (1972) only the 92min Pal UK video release. US video is cut
Space Monster  [1965] Leonard Katzman
*****Supersonic Saucer [1956] ....................5minutestolive.com
Sweet Sweet Rachel
Screaming Dead (Brett Piper) unrated version on limited dvd. General release is R-rated
Tabloid (1985, Glen Coburn & Matt Devlen)
Terror, Sexo u Brujeria (1984)
Time Travelers (1966)  Robert Dunham. not to be confused with Ib Melchior's "The Time Travelers (1964)
Touch of Satan, The  [1971] deleted vhs
Underwater City  [1962]
Voodoo Heartbeat  [1972]
Weird Ones, The  [1962]
Welcome to Blood city [1977]
Where Have all the People Gone  [1974tvm]
Whirlpool / She Died with Her Boots On (1970)
Wink of an Eye [1958]

Columbia Classic On Demand (Sony)
Soul of a monster
Mind of Mr soames
Man Who Turned to Stone
Birds Do It
30ft Bride of Candy Rock
Sergeant Deadhead the Astronaut  [1965]

MGM on Demand
Vigilante Force
Old Dracula
Blood Bath
Sugar Hill

serials [only on vhs/dvdr]
Captain America [1944] 
Crimson Ghost (1946)
Lost Planet [1953]
Masked Marvel (1943)
Mysterious Island [1951] 

Computers at Our Service /Tietokoneet Palvelevat (1968 Finland)