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Source...............: ntsc dvd - video quality
Studio.......: Substance
Video Aspect Ratio...: letterboxed 1.66:1 apx
Format.........:  dvd5
compression.......: untouched
Languages.............:  English
Size.................: .2.90g
cover.................: yes


Compression Format...:  Split ISO (QuickPar)
Recovery: Par2
Parity Files.........: 8% 

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DVD releases
Year of the Sex Olympics  (BFI prefered but Sinister Cinema will do)

no DVD releases
*****Alias John Preston [1956]   (Sinister Cinema)
Annabelle Lee/aka: Diabolique Wedding (1968)
Aries Computer, The (1972)
Baron Against the Demons /aka: Star Trooper (2006) is on Japanese DVD
*****Black Abbot, The (1934)       (SC)
Blood Frenzy (1987) with Lisa Loring
Captain Star (1997) 13ep animated tv series
Captive Women  [1952] US release
Cat Creature  [1973tvm]
Catman of Paris [1946]
Crazy Knights [1944]  - US deleted
Crime of dr Crespi  [1935] US video  (SC)   
Dark Echoes (1977)
Daughters of Darkness (1975) with Helen Madigan & Joey Silvera. Got "short" on SWV dvdr. Think it's edited though
Dead don't die  [1975tvm] deleted
*****Death Run (1987, Michael J. Murphy) Thai dvd available(expensive). got poor avi encode.
Devil Woman [1976] Jimmy Pasqual   
Dr Cook's Garden [1971tvm]....need better copy
Dr Frankenstein on Campus/Flick  [1970]
Elves (1989) UK vhs is cut
Eve/Face of Eve  [1968] Jeremy Summers
Evictors, The [1979]
Face of Darkness [1976]
Fanny Hill Meets Dr Erotico [1967]
Francis in the Haunted House  [1956]
From Ear to Ear/Les Cousines  [1971]  US video is edited/cut
Galaxy (1986, Brett Piper) 
Ghost of Sierra de Cabre (1964)
God Bless Dr Shagetz (1974, Edward Collins & Larry Spiegel)
Goodbye 20th Century /Zbogum na Dvaesetiot vek (1998)
Help Me... I'm Possessed/aka: The Possessed (1976, Charles Nizet) 
Homebodies [1974] deleted
Horror of it All [1964]................thanks Count Chocula for the avi
Hunchback of Notre Dame (1977) (British tvm) 
Is This Trip Really Necessary? /Blood of the Iron Maiden [1970] 
Joy N. Houck Jr [director]
     Night of the Strangler/ aka Dirty Dan's Women/Is the Father Black Enough? (1972)
     Women and Bloody Terror/  aka His Wife's Habit  (1969) 
King Dong [1985]
Last Generation  [1971]
Legacy of Horror  [1978] Andy Milligan
*****Legend of Blood Mountain [1965]  ............SWV video, no dvdr - as Blood Beast of monster Mountain
                             also on Camp Video as Demon Hunter
Legend of Hillbilly John/Who Fears the Devil? [1973]
Legend of the Werewolf [ 1975]
Maggie Nolan [actress]
     Fabulous Vicki Kennedy/ Tensions/ Fantastique/ The Four Poster - all 1950's 8mm loops
     It's a Bare, Bare World [1961] 30min British nudie
*****Metalstorm 3D [1983] dvdr sold on ebay
Miss Leslie's Dolls (1972, Joseph P Mawra)
Moro the Witch Doctor  [1964]
Mysterious Planet [1982, Brett Piper] US vhs which is now deleted
Nest of Cookoo Birds  [1965]
Never the Twain (1974) 
Night Slaves  [1970tvm]
Night the Banshee Cried [1957] Ed Wood short
Nocturna [1978]
No Tears for the Damned /Las Vegas Strangler [1968]
On Her Bed of Roses/Psychedelic Sexualis  [1966] 
On the Threshold of Space
Paradisio  [1962] 
Prince and the Nature Girl (1965, Doris Wishman)available as VOD from Retro Seduction Cinema
Perils of Mandy [1980, Kenneth F Rowles]
Project M-7/The Net  [1953]
Pussycat Paradise/The Nudist Story (1960)
Return of the Ape Man [1944]...................thanks Count Chocula for the avi
Return to Boggy Creek (1977)
Sreamers - US version of Island of the Fishmen
Screams of the Winters Night  [1979]
Serpent Island  [1954] deleted
Shadows in the City (1991) Director:Ari M. Roussimoff
Shotgun Wedding (1963)  Ed Wood Script  - Australian video
Shot in the Dark, A (1933) 
Slaves of Love (1969, Charles Nizet) 
So Sad About Gloria  [1973]
Some Call it Loving [1973]
Some Like it Cool [1961,Michael Winner]
Something to Hide/aka: Shattered (1972) only the 92min Pal UK video release. US video is cut
Space Monster  [1965] Leonard Katzman
*****Supersonic Saucer [1956]
Sweet Sweet Rachel
Screaming Dead (Brett Piper) unrated version on limited dvd. General release is R-rated
Tabloid (1985, Glen Coburn & Matt Devlen)
Terror, Sexo u Brujeria (1984)
Time Travelers (1966)  Robert Dunham. not to be confused with Ib Melchior's "The Time Travelers (1964)
Touch of Satan, The  [1971] deleted vhs
Underwater City  [1962]
Voodoo Heartbeat  [1972]
Weird Ones, The  [1962]
Welcome to Blood city [1977]
Where Have all the People Gone  [1974tvm]
Whirlpool / She Died with Her Boots On (1970)
Wink of an Eye [1958]

Columbia Classic On Demand (Sony)
Soul of a monster
Mind of Mr soames
Man Who Turned to Stone
Birds Do It
30ft Bride of Candy Rock

MGM on Demand
Vigilante Force
Old Dracula
Blood Bath
Sugar Hill
Sergeant Deadhead the Astronaut  [1965]

serials [only on vhs/dvdr]
Captain America [1944] 
Crimson Ghost (1946)
Lost Planet [1953]
Masked Marvel (1943)
Mysterious Island [1951] 

Computers at Our Service /Tietokoneet Palvelevat (1968 Finland)