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"JP Gum"
a.b.magic by magic4u (+) on Jun-18-2010
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                        Jeff Prace - Gum

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Magic is all about giving. Giving an experience of wonder, laughter 
and excitement. But wouldn't it be great to give all that AND 
something that's slightly longer lasting?

In high-school, I was the gum guy. I always had a pack of gum in my 
pocket and I loved how easy (and cheap) it was to put a smile on 
someone's face with a fresh stick of juicy, flavorful gum. They'd be 
chewing it for hours.

It AMAZED me how simple it was to start talking to anybody, even the 
prettiest girl (Kristen, 5th period) when I had such a casual, fun 
gift to offer. Who doesn't want a piece of gum?

To this day, no matter who I'm talking to, or who I WANT to be talking 
to, it's ALWAYS a great time to ask, "Want a piece of gum?"

Enter Jeff Prace. GUM by Jeff Prace takes this simple RANDOM ACT OF 
KINDNESS to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL. Jeff is pretty much doing what I WISH I 
could have done growing up. Blowing people away with super cool 
closeup MAGIC with gum. And people are eating - well, chewing it up! ;)

And what are the two DREAM effects people want to see with gum? 1) 
Making MORE appear, and 2) turning OLD gum back to NEW gum - DONE and 
DONE. This DVD knocks both out of the park! PERFECT for anyone looking 
to interact with humans in their natural habitat, Jeff goes through in 
detail how to perform AND get the most out of these EASY-TO-DO and 
KILLER effects plus two more!

But we want you to feel as PREPARED AS POSSIBLE this year, so we're 
putting together the ULTIMATE CONVERSATION STARTER kit:

NOW through January 1st, 2010 order GUM for only $ 24.95 and we'll 

1) a never-before sold PDF ebook BONUS "Re-CLIPPED" by Jeff Prace and 
David Regal for FREE. A crazy, easy-to-do illusion of a broken and 
restored Sharpie marker you can do anytime anywhere. 2) we're ALSO 
including "Power Lunch" by Ray Cooper, the ultimate dinner time 
impromptu penetration, and the PERFECT way to give out your business 
card after a lunch meeting. And because Power Lunch is an instant 
download (performed and taught by renowned magic coach Oz Pearlman), 
you can start learning it right away! 3) AND TWO 
FREE PACKS of ORBIT gum to get you started the MOMENT you open the box!

Jeff Prace (Penguin username magicman4646) will also be stopping by to 
your questions and discussing tips and tricks in a private Penguin 
discussion forum EXCLUSIVELY for GUM owners.

For the Professionals: If you don't already have a gum trick you can 
do before or after gigs, and in casual environments, GUM would be a 
perfect place to start. Notice how genuine the reactions in the 
trailer are - that's the real deal. It's a sincerely wonderful set of 
tricks. If you have any questions about the methods or whether GUM 
would be right for you, don't hesitate to email and you'll get a quick reply from me or 
another professional magician.

Oh what I wouldn't give to go back knowing what I know now... enjoy 

Acar Altinsel
born to perform.

PS: If you've already got GUM or you're looking to DOUBLE your FUN, 
check out Gumslinger: It's a great add-on to a 
GUM routine.

PPS: Alvo Stockman had a chance to talk with Jeff about GUM. The 
interview is posted on the GUM product page. Jeff is the real deal, 
through and through. No hype, just pure passion and results. Like Paul 
Harris said, "This kid is going to be dangerous."
Why We Carry It

Jeff Prace presents four mysteries using something you normally carry 
in your pocket, chewing gum. Using the methods taught in detail on 
this DVD, you will be able to astonish anyone with everyday items.

Orbit: A pack of gum with only one piece left instantly turns into a 
full pack. You can then immediately hand out a piece of gum to a 
hungry spectator.

Re-Wrapped: A chewed piece of gum stretched between the magician's 
hands magically wraps itself into a brand new piece! Both hands are 
shown empty and the gum can immediately be given away as a sweet 

Insta-Wrap: Another handling of the chewed to wrapped gum effect. This 
handling is on STEROIDS!

Back in Time: The magician presents a time travel experiment, and in 
doing so wraps a chewed piece of gum and alters a photograph!

All these effects are practical, visual, and easy to perform.