PAT TRAVERS - Blues On Fire

Release Date: 2012
Label: Purple Pyramid Records, Cleopatra Records
Genre: BluesRock
Format: MP3  320 kbps
Size: 128 MB
Time: 48:12

Legendary guitarist Pat Travers, an influence on numerous musicians including Kirk Hammett of Metallica, proudly presents this electrifying new album of blues recordings featuring songs that date back to the 1920s! Features full on classic rock production and heavy guitar versions of Blind Blake s Black Dog Blues, Blind Willie Johnson s Nobody s Fault But Mine, Son House s Death Letter plus more blues classics originally made famous by Bessie Smith, Tampa Red, Blind Lemon Jefferson, and more!

Having come off an exhausting European tour, Travers sat back and took a little journey back to his roots; listening to the delta blues and knew the time was right to showcase these early twentieth century legendary artists, which include Blind Willie Johnson, Bessie Smith, Henry Thomas and Son House. He handpicked the twelve songs that appear on Blues on Fire. TraversÆ hard hitting blues style can be heard with the first note of the album in Blind BlakeÆs Black Dog Blues. You feel the energy that Travers gives as he brings these songs to life, delivering his blend of rough vocals and emotional style that has many current metal guitar players including MetallicaÆs Kirk Hammet, listing Travers as one of their influences. Travers produced and performed all the vocals, guitar and bass lines for Blues on Fire, with Doug Bare on the piano/organ, Carl Cleaver on piano and Sean Shannon on the drums. The classic blues steel guitar sound can be heard perfectly on the tracks NobodyÆs Fault But Mine and Back Water Blues. The delta blues sound is full of emotion and lyrical poetry that can be experienced through Bulldozer Blues and Dark Night Blues, two tracks that stand out as the highlights.
Patrick Henry "Pat" Travers (born April 12, 1954) is a Canadian rock guitarist, keyboardist and singer who began his recording career with Polydor Records in the mid-1970s. Pat Thrall, Nicko McBrain, Mick Dyche, Tommy Aldridge, Peter "Mars" Cowling, Barry Dunaway, Jerry Riggs, and Carmine Appice are some of the noted musicians who have been members of the Pat Travers Band through the years. Kirk Hammett of Metallica has cited him as one of his favorite guitar players

01. Black Dog Blues 
02. Nobody's Fault But Mine 
03. Back Water Blues 
04. Meat Shakin' Woman 
05. Easy Rider Blues 
06. Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out 
07. Bulldozer Blues 
08. You Can't Get That Stuff No More 
09. Dark Night Blues 
10. Rock Island Blues 
11. Jailhouse Blues 
12. Death Letter

"Electrifying the Blues"! Jawohl, genau das ist es, was Pat Travers mit seiner gro▀artigen Band tut. Mit "Blues on fire" legt der "alte Haudegen" und Gitarrenhexer mal wieder ein "Hammer"-Album vor! Pat Travers fⁿhrt uns mit "Blues on fire" weit zurⁿck zu den AnfΣngen des Blues, und zwar in die Zwanziger Jahre des vergangenen Jahrhunderts. SΣmtliche Stⁿcke dieses Werkes haben ihren Ursprung in den "1920s". Stⁿcke, die von solchen Legenden wie Blind Blake, Blind Willie Johnson, Bessie Smith, Blind Willie McTell, Henry Thomas oder Son House einst im Original gespielt haben. Travers transportiert diese Songs mit viel Geschick, K÷nnen und vor allen Dingen mit viel Herz in die heutige Zeit. Dabei kehrt er seine Vorliebe zum Rock deutlich heraus. Und genau das ist es, was die Spannung und die StΣrke der Interpretationen von Travers ausmacht. Diese Kombination aus der authentischen OriginalitΣt der 1920s und dem modernen wie zeitlosen, krachenden, straighten Rock-Ambiente generiert den Reiz dieser Songs. Diese Verschmelzung gelingt bravour÷s. Das Material hat Kraft, Power, strotzt nur so vor gro▀artigen Gitarrenritten, rockt gewaltig und hat gleichzeitig den Blues. Travers' Gesang ist exzellent, das Feeling stimmt und sein Gitarrenspiel, ob feurige Lead Gitarre, glⁿhende Electric-Slide oder auch mal eine swampige Acoustic-Slide, hat richtig Biss und Zunder! Jawohl, dieser Blues ist "on fire" - und zwar "on a Rock' Roll fire" Yeah! Das ist schn÷rkelloser, "electrifying" Gitarren-Bluesrock vom Allerfeinsten!